Combating Scarring Hair Loss Due to Lichen Planopilaris
02 / 03 / 20

Combating Scarring Hair Loss Due to Lichen Planopilaris

There are many reasons individuals experience hair loss. Some may lose hair due to a genetic predisposition. For others, hair loss may be the result of medications or a health condition. Lichen planopilaris is one of the less commonly heard of medical conditions that cause scarring hair loss. Let's take a closer look at why this uncommon medical condition results in loss of hair and how our stylists here at New Look Institute can restore your full head of hair and help you achieve the look you've always wanted.

What is Lichen Planopilaris?

Lichen planopilaris is a rare inflammatory disease that causes inflammation around the hair follicle and is the most common cause of scarring hair loss. This condition can occur on any part of the body that produces hair. It primarily occurs on the scalp, but can also happen under the armpit, on the face, or on the pubic area.

This is a progressive disease that causes individuals to lose hair in patches as opposed to losing hair evenly throughout the affected area. Hair loss from this condition is permanent because the hair follicle is damaged beyond repair.

Who is at the Highest Risk for Developing Lichen Planopilaris?

Lichen Planopilaris can affect both men and women of any age. It is most commonly seen in young adult women for reasons yet to be understood by medical professionals. In very rare cases this disease can affect children.

What Causes Lichen Planopilaris?

The exact cause of Lichen planopilaris is unknown. Medical professionals believe it is most likely an autoimmune disorder in which the body's white blood cells attack and destroy the hair follicles.

What is the Treatment for Lichen Planopilaris?

This disease is most commonly treated with either steroid creams, steroid injections, or systemic corticosteroids. The method of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. However, even after treatment, there is no guarantee that lichen planopilaris will not return. The hair that has already been lost will not grow back. It is normal for individuals to continue to experience hair loss at a slower rate after treatment is complete.

The good news is that hair loss doesn't have to be your future. Our specialists here at New Look Institute is here to help you combat hair loss resulting from lichen planopilaris.

Options for Combating Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss as a result of lichen planopilaris, there are plenty of hair loss solutions. New Look Institute offers a variety of hair restoration systems that can restore your natural look or give you a whole new one!

The CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) hair replacement system is a non-surgical hair restoration option for both men and women that uses a biomedical polymer prosthetic scalp to which unprocessed human hair is attached and then colored, cut, and styled to match your natural hair. This is solution works well for those who still have natural hair as well as those who have experienced complete hair loss.

Reallusions is a hair restoration solution for women who have experienced partial hair loss. Our stylists will use 100% human hair to fill in the areas of missing hair and match your existing color and style perfectly.

Virtual Reality or Virtuesse is a non-surgical hair restoration solution for both men or women in which human hair is attached to a thin, breathable membrane that is carefully placed on your scalp to seamlessly integrate with your existing hair.

Contact us today to schedule your free hair and scalp evaluation, where one of our licensed stylists will offer you viable solutions that best fit your situation and needs.