Wigs for Women

Women’s hair loss can come about for many different reasons. Often, the hair loss is permanent, and requires a lasting solution. In other cases, though, the hair loss might be temporary in nature—and if that’s the case, wigs can provide an elegant, simple remedy. New Look Institute is proud to deliver custom wigs for women faced with sudden or temporary hair loss.

And who are the women we serve? Some of the prime candidates include women whose hair loss is due to radiation therapy or chemotherapy; in both cases, hair loss is likely to come on suddenly but not to be permanent, making wigs the logical form of hair replacement. Additionally, medical conditions such as alopecia may call for custom wigs. Regardless of the cause, New Look can provide custom wig fittings, and access to the most beautiful, seamless, and natural-looking wigs in the world.

Custom Wigs for Thinning Hair

That’s the first thing to understand about the wigs we offer at New Look Institute: They’re truly superior, made by skilled artisans whose utmost aim is to provide something real. In fact, most of the wigs we offer are made from human hair, and through a custom fitting you can ensure that they provide you with a seamless-looking hairline, indistinguishable from your own, growing hair.

That’s another critical point about our wig offerings: They truly are individualized. Our stylists will work to take measurements and ensure the final product is something that’s completely comfortable for you. We can replicate the color and style of your current hair, if that’s what you want, or we can help you discover a whole new look!

The wigs we offer are primarily made by hand. They’re lightweight, which makes them easy to wear, and they’re also easy to maintain. What’s more, human hair allows you to style your wig however you like—even using curling irons, rollers, and blow dryers, all of which are incompatible with synthetic hair.

The hair we use is all virgin hair from Europe—that is, hair that’s never been bleached or chemically treated in any way. This hair is not only healthier, but softer and lighter. The end result is a 100 percent human hair wig that will immediately feel right, and help you to achieve the look and the level of self-confidence you seek.

Natural Looking Wigs from New Look Institute

At New Look Institute, we have a simple mission: We want to provide hair replacement solutions that fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your hair needs. If that means a custom wig, we want to ensure it’s a beautiful and natural-looking one, made with care and fitted so that it’s just right. We are proud to work closely with our clients to help them select the exact wig they want, that fits just right, and educate them on how to properly maintain it.

Learn more about the selection of wigs we offer, and see for yourself how New Look Institute can meet your hair replacement needs. Visit our studio space in San Jose to receive a wig consultation from one of our highly-trained stylists.

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