Hair Extensions & Toppers for Women

Women come to New Look Institute with different hair loss needs—and it’s our job to help them discover the perfect solution. For some women, that solution might involve extensions and toppers. These products are seamlessly integrated with existing hair to provide additional length, volume, or coverage, and they are ideal for women whose hair loss is relatively minor. With extensions and toppers, our clients can achieve the look they want, in a way that is undetectable and completely natural-looking.

New Look Institute is based in San Jose, California, and serves clients throughout the Silicon Valley region—an area that prizes innovation. We have a similar mindset, and provide our clients with only the most cutting edge and technically sound hair replacement solutions. We have more than 18 years of experience, and a reputation for personable, individualized service. When you come to New Look Institute, you can expect to find a hair replacement solution that fits your lifestyle, your budget, and your hair needs—period.

Hair Extensions and Toppers from Ultratress

In keeping with our mission to only provide the best products, we get all of our extensions and toppers from Ultratress. Like all extension products, these provide the length, volume, density, or style you’re after—but what makes Ultratress unique is the way it accomplishes these goals.

Ultratress works differently from any other extensions on the market. They’re applied using exclusive, non-damaging techniques—guaranteed to be gentle and to preserve your natural, growing hair. What’s more, these extensions can be removed quickly and easily. Ultratress goes on quickly, too: While other extensions can take a full eight hours to apply, these are usually ready in two.

As for the specific application technique for Ultratress, it isn’t with ties; instead, Ultratress extensions are applied with a unique polymer, which provides amazing flexibility and a natural feel to your hair.

The result? Ultratress gives you the glamorous hair you want. It looks seamless and natural, it’s made to fit your lifestyle, and it’s totally non-damaging to your hair.

Get Extensions from New Look Institute

Our stylists are skilled in applying these extensions, and can also help to ensure that you get the extensions that give you the look you’re seeking. We’re ready to start the process today. Join us in our studio space for a private, one-on-one consultation with a New Look expert.