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Looking Back at Our October Cesare Ragazzi Open House
November 07 2014

Looking Back at Our October Cesare Ragazzi Open House

What a fantastic evening it was! Just two weeks ago, on October 22nd, we welcomed the Cesare Ragazzi team all the way from Italy to our New Look Institute office on South Bascom Avenue here in San Jose for an inspirational evening of learning, sharing, and examining. Over Italian wine and hors d’oevres, attendees enjoyed live demonstrations during which they had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the professionals and current CNC system wearers. The event allowed women to inspect the incredible quality in person and gain a broader understanding of both the process involved in receiving their own systems and the ongoing support provided through collaboration between Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories and New Look Institute that ensures continued consistency throughout delivery and maintenance. We were thrilled to hear nothing but positive feedback from the upbeat crowd.

open houseAt one point during the evening, a woman was describing the challenges faced in the professional world due to hair thinning, loss, and poor quality store wigs. When purchased and put in place by herself, they were uncomfortable and challenging to keep in place. Even as a prominent and well-respected member of the business community, she felt unable to reach her true potential because clients thought her hair loss signaled that she was sick. “Our wig would determine what we could do,” she said, before describing how the Cesare Ragazzi partial CNC system provided the right solution that actually helped her professional life. One of our favorite anecdotes of the evening came from this very woman when she spoke of her initial experience with her new Cesare Ragazzi hair. “When I first received the CNC system,” she said, “I walked out in the parking lot and, for the first time in many years, I could feel the wind on my scalp. My scalp was breathing again. This is a wonderful feeling.”

Another young woman explained the role her CNC system played in her transition from a timid, embarrassed high school student who avoided activities and classmates to a confident marathon runner who is planning a wedding. She had tried many other hair replacement solutions in the past, and while she wasn’t necessarily unhappy with them, she now has no desire to go back after having experienced the Cesare Ragazzi difference.

It was powerful and inspiring for the women in attendance at the Open House to hear from the shared experiences of other women and the Italian team from Cesare Ragazzi. Everyone was able to explore the technology, quality, customization, and support in person. One woman who wore her uncomfortable and restrictive store-bought wig to the Open House shared with us that she was having such a great time talking to the CNC system users and learning from their experiences that she didn’t want to leave! We certainly count the evening as a success and look forward to continuing to educate area individuals on the Cesare Ragazzi products by providing a confidential and understanding environment in which to address questions, concerns, resources, and options in the future with those who are experiencing hair loss and thinning and want to learn more.

If you missed the Open House but are interested in discovering the Cesare Ragazzi CNC system yourself, you can still contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. Click here to learn more.