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Thinning Hair? Go Short!
September 16 2014

Thinning Hair? Go Short!

Short hair can be incredibly sexy. While long hair has traditionally symbolized femininity, sexuality, and youthfulness, short hair claims representation of women who are powerful, confident, provocative, and active. Certainly both long and short hair styles have evolved over the years, and many women experiment with a variety of lengths throughout their lifetimes that help give a voice to all of their fabulous traits. Each woman has her do (or dos!) that work best for her. Take Emma Watson and Halle Berry (pictured below) for example. Both of these beautiful celebs have sported gorgeous long hair and rocked hot short looks, and we think it is fair to say that they embody not only confidence and power but also femininity and sexuality, regardless of the do.

At the end of the day, the right style for you comes down to the specifics of your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle requirements. For many women, a short cut works because it is the best fit for their thinning hair. As Manhattan stylist Anthony Sorenson says, “Thin hair looks thicker when it’s shorter. Long hair can get dragged down by its own weight, making it easier to see through to your scalp.” NBC stylist Jeff Sacino agrees, pointing out that long hair can actually exacerbate thinning because, “when you grow your hair long, it separates.”

Whether you opt for short hair or lean towards long locks though, care is important and options are available despite thinning or balding. Women who choose to go with a short do to extend the life of their natural hair by maximizing its volume should continue to monitor overall fullness and areas of specific concern. For most individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss, a short cut is only a temporary solution. When (or preferably, before) the scalp becomes abnormally visible, schedule a consultation with a local hair restoration specialist to explore the options available for a voluminous and natural head of hair that matches your preferred length, long or short.