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Women With Thinning Hair and Female Pattern Baldness
September 17 2013

Women With Thinning Hair and Female Pattern Baldness

Both men and women are plagued with hair loss, but, unfortunately, our society is more accepting of male hair loss than women’s hair loss. If you are a woman slowly losing your hair or even just noticing some thinning, then there are numerous hair restoration treatments available. From a temporary wig to laser hair treatments, there is a perfect solution to help you with your hair growth issue.

Here are the basics of what you should know if you are a woman experiencing hair loss.

female pattern baldnessWhy Do Women Lose Their Hair?

Hair growth is a simple process that involves individual hair follicles all over the head. These hair follicles go through periods of hair growth stages. As we age, factors in our health and genetics lead some hair follicles to stop growing hair. In addition to age and heredity, medication and lifestyle can affect hair loss as well.

Warning Signs of Early Hair Loss

Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight, and unless you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical procedure like chemotherapy, your hair loss should be more gradual. You should watch for slowing hair growth, thinning hair or a change in your hairline.

Advances in Technology

Hair loss can be particularly devastating to women. Our society places so much significance on hair, as it is one of the most common identifiers of a beautiful woman. Don’t let hair loss leave you feeling less attractive or confident. The slowing of hair growth is a natural part of aging, but thanks to advances in laser hair growth and other hair restoration treatments, it doesn’t have to be. You can still have a full head of hair well into your 60s and 70s.

At New Look Institute, we help both men and women conquer their hair loss problems. With advanced hair rejuvenation techniques and a highly trained staff, we are sure that we can find a solution for you. Contact us for your free consultation today (408) 279-4247.