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What Is the CNC by Cesare Ragazzi and How Does It Help Women with Hair Loss?
October 06 2021

What Is the CNC by Cesare Ragazzi and How Does It Help Women with Hair Loss?

When people think of hair loss, they generally think of male sufferers. Male pattern baldness is by far the most common type of hair loss. Hair loss in women is less common, but when it strikes, it is often more devastating.

Women often had to resort to wigs and hairpieces to maintain a desired appearance, but thanks to a new hair system, that’s changing.

With the CNC system by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories of Italy, the transformation begins with 3D imaging of the patient’s head. This allows a detailed map of the scalp to be made, which is then used to form a cap the patient can wear.

The cap is made of a proprietary, medically engineered membrane material using robotic technology. The cap helps ensure a close fit, which is then adhered to the scalp.

After this, real human hair is inserted into the cap so that it looks and moves in a completely natural way. The system has changed the lives of many women throughout the world suffering from female pattern baldness and other hair problems.

Improving the Lives of Women Everywhere

Women who suffer from female pattern baldness, a genetic condition, can start to lose their hair in their teens and 20s. According to the CEO of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, Stefano Ospitali, the new system is designed to help give these women their lives back. “These people lose self-esteem, lose confidence, so it’s very important with our system, the CNC, give back the life they could enjoy again,” he said in a press release.

Women who experience balding, especially early in life, can often miss out on many of their life experiences out of shame. They may avoid dating, miss out on marriage and children, but even career opportunities may slip them by.

For women, hair is often part of their identity. It’s more than simply a few sprouts coming from the top of their head. Balding in women is also less socially acceptable, with shaved heads on women viewed as strange, whereas it is normal for men.

This can make hair loss even more stressful for women than it would be for a man. The CNC system is designed to help restore confidence in women, by giving them a non-surgical option that looks and feels like real hair.

The system was developed originally to help people who experienced hair loss due to workplace accidents. Cesare believes in, “Life without compromises,” and that certainly includes hair. His invention is now being put to good use outside of accidents and is instead helping people around the world get their confidence back.

This is a very important step for women, and also gives them hope that if their daughters should end up with the same genetic condition as their mother, they too will have a safe and effective option to help them—as well as support from an understanding mother who knows what to do.

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