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Top Reasons Why More Men are Choosing Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Loss Solutions
July 27 2021

Top Reasons Why More Men are Choosing Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is often a difficult topic for those who suffer from it. When you see your hairbrush filling up and your hairline thinning out, it can cause a loss of confidence and even inhibit living the life you once enjoyed.

A desire for better looking features, however, doesn’t always coincide with a desire to go under the knife to get it. Many men are opting out of surgical procedures and choosing non-surgical instead. Here’s why.

Not Everyone Is a Candidate

Some people aren’t good candidates for surgery. They may be more prone to scarring, don’t have good donor locations on their scalp, or have other issues that make surgery less desirable for them. In these cases, a hair loss clinician may recommend non-surgical procedures for those who are not good surgical candidates.

Flexibility in Appearance

If you’re not sure that you’ll like your new look, you can change it if it is a non-surgical procedure. It’s as simple as stopping one therapy and trying a different one instead. Surgery is permanent. If you have surgery and don’t love your new look, it’s not so easy to go back and fix it.

If you try non-surgical procedures and still don’t feel satisfied, surgery is always there as another option, assuming you’re a candidate.

Less Pain

Because it is a surgical procedure, there is going to be some soreness and discomfort after a hair transplant surgery. Most non-surgical procedures are either pain-free or have comparatively less pain. You may still have pain during hair follicle regeneration treatments for example, but this is only the pain from drawing blood and injecting it—not the soreness from many healing wounds.

It Can Be More Cost-Effective

People with hair loss come from every walk of life, and not everyone can afford the cost of elective surgery. Many non-surgical treatments are more affordable than surgery, putting confidence back within reach for those who can’t afford the upfront costs of surgery, but still want to get their hair back.

Can Yield Instant Results

While treatments may take time to regrow hair, hair systems can yield instant results without any side effects. Hair systems are even faster than surgery, there is no recovery time, and some types even let you do things like swim or shower without concern for your hair.

Surgery is the right choice for some people—but not for everyone. Those who have had male pattern baldness for more than 5 years, or don’t want to wait to see results, can benefit from surgery. There are just as many men who prefer to look for non-surgical options first and try these before undergoing surgery.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, it’s best to make an appointment with New Look Institute to find out for yourself what options may be best for you. We’ll have the answers you are looking for and can help steer you in the right direction for your individual needs.

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