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5 Misconceptions About Human Hair Extensions
July 07 2021

5 Misconceptions About Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can brighten up the possibilities for your hair. With a little help from these magical devices, new styles are within reach, and your hair suddenly looks as if it had grown overnight. Despite the usefulness of these clip-on hair attachments, they’re often disregarded by people because of the common myths surrounding them. These are a few of those myths.

1. Hair Extensions May Damage Your Hair

In the past, there may have been a glimmer of truth to this. The earliest hair extensions had rudimentary clips that put excessive strain on hair follicles, as well as being visible to observers. These clips may well have caused damage to the hair through traction alopecia, a form of hair loss caused by too much pressure placed on the hair.

Modern hair extensions have moved beyond clips, and feature seamless designs that make it hard to distinguish from real hair. These include weaves, tape-ins, and pre-bonded varieties. These will have to be put in by your hairdresser and don’t have to be damaging to your real hair if installed in a way that does not put too much tension on the hair and the scalp.

2. Hair Extensions Are Difficult to Maintain

It seems logical that anything that needs to be installed by a hairdresser will be a challenge to remove at home. Taking care of hair extensions may indeed require a learning curve, but once you are aware of what to do, and what not to do, taking care of them can be fairly easy.

3. Others Will Be Able to Tell You’re Wearing Extensions

In the past, bulky clips caused by old school extensions were noticeable aspects of wearing them. Today’s modern extensions are much less noticeable to the naked eye. While a trained professional may be able to tell the difference between your real hair and an extension, most day-to-day observers won’t know you are wearing extensions.

4. Hairstyles Are Limited With Hair Extensions

This common misconception once again has a glimmer of truth to it. If you plan to use hair extensions with synthetic hair, the extensions can’t be heat treated or it will ruin the hair fibers. Hair extensions made with real human hair could be styled in different ways.

This includes dyeing as well as curling it. Although, if you trim your extensions they won’t, of course, grow back.

5. Extensions Will Stunt The Growth Of Your Hair

One final misconception is that extensions could stunt the growth of your hair. This is simply not true at all. Hair extensions are often used by women growing out their hair, so they can have the appearance they want while their hair catches up.

Extensions will not affect the growth of your hair, and you may be surprised how much longer your hair is once you take the extensions out and look.

Extensions can be a valuable tool to help you look and feel your best, especially if you are experiencing hair loss or simply want longer hair than you currently have. As long as the extensions are put in place by a professional, you can benefit from them with little to no drawbacks.

For more information on hair extensions and toppers for women, contact New Look Institute today. Our stylists are skilled at properly applying these extensions, and can also help to ensure that you get the extensions that give you the look you’re seeking.