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The Importance of Taking Care of Your Scalp During Seasonal Shedding
May 20 2021

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Scalp During Seasonal Shedding

Wait! Why am I in competition with my dog with all the hair that’s falling from my head?! Yikes! Before you hit the panic button, if you’ve ever had a pet dog, you probably know that once or twice a year, your pet sheds out an enormous amount of hair. What you may not realize, however, is that humans shed seasonally too.

Every year, around the same time your dog is releasing tumbleweeds of hair around your home, you’ll also be shedding a lot more hair and skin from your head. Although there are no scientific studies done on this, one theory about shedding from our heads is that we cling to more hair in the summer for a kind of sunscreen, and in colder winter months we drop all that extra hair.

This can be alarming, but unless it continues for three or more months, it is nothing to worry about. Instead of worrying about the volume of hair shedding from your head, you should instead be concerned about your scalp.

Keep Your Scalp Clean and Healthy

Your scalp is where your hair grows from, and typically shedding is at its worst in the fall and winter months. You can help preserve your hair and improve winter growth by making sure your scalp and hair have everything they need.

Using the right products to wash and condition your hair and scalp can go a long way in helping the long-term health of your scalp and hair. Proper scalp hygiene is critical for healthy hair to grow.

Take Your Vitamins

Eating right and ensuring your skin gets proper nutrition is another way to help limit the damage done from seasonal shedding. Your skin is your largest organ, and it needs proper nutrition to be healthy just like the rest of your body. Without it, you can end up with more thinning and hair loss simply because your body doesn’t have the right nutrients.

Speak with a Trichologist

Trichology refers to a field of dermatology that is focused on the scalp. Having a healthy scalp is necessary for having healthy hair growth. At New Look Institute, we put a big emphasis on trichology and seek to underscore everything we do in the proper understanding of trichology principles. Through our trichology program, we seek to provide each client with a healthy scalp and, thus, with healthy hair.

Is It Seasonal Hair Loss?

Seasonal hair loss is normal, but if you notice excessive hair shedding for longer than three months, or that the hair is breaking off rather than falling out, it’s something to see a doctor about. It’s also worthwhile to pay attention to the rest of your hair care routine. Do you blow-dry your hair regularly or use a ponytail to pull it back? These things can cause additional breakage that may be increasing the amount of hair loss you notice. One easy way to check is to see if your part is getting wider. With seasonal shedding, you’ll likely notice a thinning all over, but if it is something more, such as the area where you part the hair is getting wider, it is time to get some help.

If you have any concerns at all, it’s best to see your doctor or a hair loss specialist. At New Look Institute, we can help you determine what is normal and what isn’t, and help you get on the right track. If it’s nothing to worry about, you can have peace of mind knowing spring flowers will likely also bring thicker hair, and if it is a problem, get the professional help you need before damage is permanent. Either way, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

At New Look Institute, we are specialist in the study of trichology. Simply put, we are experts in the matter of hair and the scalp. Contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation.