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The Difference Between a Wig and Hair System
April 06 2021

The Difference Between a Wig and Hair System

At first, you might think that wigs and hair systems are basically the same thing. They both do the job of giving you your confidence back and help give you back hair when other options simply don’t work. When professionals are talking about general hair replacement options, they tend to talk about “Hair Pieces.” This term is a general catchall for everything from wigs and toupees to hair systems themselves.

In general, you can expect a hairpiece to be made from real or synthetic materials that are used to cover patches of thinning hair. Sometimes these options sit on a shaven scalp, and sometimes they’re meant to be worn over hair that is already there.

If you’re trying to decide whether a wig or a hair system is right for you, there is a difference. Let’s take a look now at these two different hairpieces, and when each is appropriate.

Wigs Explained

Many actresses wear wigs to help them achieve the right look for the part they are playing. Wigs are woven pieces meant to sit on top of hair or a shaved scalp. They are easily removable, and not meant to be worn all the time.

If you love to swap between different hair types and colors, a wig is a great option because it will let you swap hair easily. Wigs can be secured firmly to the head as well, so don’t feel as if they will be blown off your head in the next gust of wind or tilted at awkward angles because you ran. They are removable, but not awkward unless improperly secured.

Hair Systems Explained

At first glance, the hair system looks the same as a wig. It also uses synthetic or natural hair to cre-ate a piece that covers hair loss. The difference is that hair systems are glued to the scalp and are not meant to be taken off like a wig is.

This more permanent hair feels more natural and opens up a lot more possibilities. As an example, people with hair systems can go scuba diving in their piece, where someone with a wig would have to take it off to go.

If hair loss is sensitive and embarrassing for you, the freedom to wear your hairpiece anywhere is a critical one, and that’s where a hair system has an advantage.

What your needs are for a hairpiece are as unique as you are. If you want to be able to wear pink hair one day, blue hair the next, and then swap to natural colors for the workweek, a wig is best. If you’re hoping to keep the secret about an embarrassing patch of baldness, and don’t want to be reminded daily that your hair isn’t real, a hair system may be a better choice.

If you think a hair system is right for you, contact a hair specialist like New Look Institute who can evaluate your scalp and make recommendations. You may be surprised at the options available to you, and how quickly you can get beautiful hair once again.

For more information, or to explore your options, reach out to New Look Institute today.