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Are Hair Extensions Safe for My Hair?
November 24 2020

Are Hair Extensions Safe for My Hair?

Hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who are looking to add more volume, density, and/or length to their hair. They can help you easily achieve a desired hairstyle for any occasion or hide thinning. Unfortunately, many women stray away from extensions as an option, even for hair loss due to the common misconception that all hair extensions are damaging to your hair.

Let's address the elephant in the room and bust these myths wide open once and for all. It all comes down to choosing the right type of hair extensions. There are many different types of hair extensions on the market today. Many do use harsh chemicals and abrasive glues during the application and removal processes. However, this does not mean that all hair extensions are bad for your hair. You do have options which are 100% safe for your scalp and existing hair. New Look Institute proudly uses Ultratress hair extensions, which differ from other types of hair extensions on the market by using safe application and removal techniques to prevent damaged hair. Here is how it works and why it is safe!

Non-Damaging Application Technique

Before having hair extensions applied, it is important to ask about and thoroughly understand the application technique. Instead of using abrasive and damaging glues, our hair specialists apply Ultratress hair extensions using a unique polymer that gives your hair a natural feel. The polymer is extremely flexible and gentle on your existing hair. Our non-damaging application techniques are designed to preserve and promote the growth of your hair while giving it a natural feel.

Fast Application Time

Most hair extensions can take up to 8 hours to apply. This means you are spending an entire day in a salon just to get hair extensions. At New Look Institute, you can expect to have your new hair extensions applied in just two hours in most cases. The best part is that you save a great deal of time without sacrificing the quality of your extensions or the health of your hair.

Easy Removal

Asking about the removal process before application is important as well. The removal process of extensions has gotten a bad reputation for damaging and even breaking existing strands of hair. When done correctly, this should never be the case. Our hair extension removal process is quick, easy, and non-damaging. There is no need to worry about sticky, unwanted glue left in your existing hair. Your hair specialist will expertly remove the polymer from your hair without any breakage or damage. It will be like they were never there.

Lightweight Hair Extensions

Heavy extensions are not only uncomfortable to wear, but also put unnecessary strain on your hair follicles. Over a prolonged period of time this can lead to hair loss and cause permanent damage to your hair follicles. New Look Institute uses lightweight extensions that will not cause unnecessary stress on your hair existing hair and follicles.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for a specific style or to combat hair thinning, hair extensions are a safe option when you use a reputable hair specialist. As San Jose's leading hair restoration studio, New Look Institute is an expert in the proper application and removal of hair extensions. We can customize your extensions to fit your exact color choice, length, texture, and even style! Choose extensions that blend in seamlessly with your existing hair or go for a new bold look. The choice is up to you! Book your free hair analysis now and see what extensions can do for your head of hair.