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Why is Hair Loss a Taboo Subject for Women?
October 22 2020

Why is Hair Loss a Taboo Subject for Women?

When you think of balding or hair loss, chances are the first thing that pops into your head is a man. It is perfectly normal and socially acceptable for a man to be completely bald or in the visible stages of hair loss. Nobody does a double-take or gives it a second thought. The same cannot be said for when a woman is showing signs of hair loss. People take notice, even though it is as normal for a woman to experience thinning hair as she ages, as it is for a man. Why is hair loss among women a taboo subject and how can New Look Institute help restore your full head of hair?

Emotional Well-Being

Hair loss and thinning are seen in a masculine light. Understandably, for many women who experience thinning and/or hair loss, it can make you feel as if you are less of a woman. Although this is far from the truth it can have a negative impact on your emotional health. This increases the risk of depression and anxiety as well as takes a toll on your self-confidence. The fact that hair loss is still seen as a male-only trait is attributed to cultural and social norms, where it still isn't as socially acceptable for a woman to be bald as it is for a man to be.

A Desire to Blend In

There is a desire to want to blend in and look like everyone else. People stare longer than they should and do double-takes. They wonder if a woman experiencing hair loss is ill, has had a bad hair cut, or doesn't care enough about herself to style her hair. Even though this is a flawed perception of reality, it can really affect your level of self-confidence, which in turn, has an effect on your personal and professional life. It is human nature to want to fit in and there is nothing wrong with it.

Part of Your Identity

For women, hair is part of their identity. You can wear it a million different ways depending on the occasion. It can be colored, permed, relaxed, etc. It is a way to express yourself and your personality. To feel as if you are losing a piece of your identity can understandably cause psychological and emotional struggles.

Not Talked About

One of the biggest reasons that hair loss is still a taboo subject for women is that it just isn't talked about...even among women going through the same thing. Many women do not even want to tell their closest friends about their hair loss struggles. Instead, women try to hide thinning or balding spots so that no one notices for as long as they possibly can. This results in your fellow girlfriends being unable to support you, offer advice, and just be there when you need it.

Be Proactive!

The first step to removing the taboo that surrounds women's hair loss is to talk about it openly with others and accept that you are no less of a person or a woman than you were before. It is also important to be proactive. You do not have to live with hair loss. New Look Institute, the premier hair restoration studio in San Jose, offers a variety of hair loss solutions no matter which stage of hair loss or thinning you may be in. Whether you are looking for temporary solutions such as custom wigs or more permanent solutions such as hair replacement systems, we have the perfect solution to help you feel and look your best. Book your FREE hair analysis today!