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Are All Wigs the Same? (What Should You Know?)
September 08 2020

Are All Wigs the Same? (What Should You Know?)

Are you in need of a hair loss solution, contemplating wigs but not sure if they are all the same? In short, the answer is no; all wigs are not the same. You cannot just grab one off of the shelf and consider yourself good to go. It pays to take your time in picking the perfect wig and the right restoration studio to help you with your hair loss needs. When choosing the perfect wig, you have choices. This is your guide on how wigs can differ and the options you have when selecting yours.

Who are Wigs Designed For?

Wigs are for individuals experiencing either permanent or temporary hair loss. This could be a result of hereditary hair loss, hair thinning, or even hair loss from medical treatments, health conditions, or excessive stress. This is a great solution for those who want a cost-effective hair loss solution that is non-intrusive and requires minimal maintenance. Let's take a look at the differences in wigs.

Natural Hair Versus Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wigs made from natural hair are created using 100% human hair. New Look Institute has some high-end wigs that are made from virgin hair from Europe. This hair has never been bleached or treated with chemicals at all, meaning that it is softer to the touch and lighter than traditional wigs. Wigs made of natural hair can be styled in exactly the same way as your own hair including the use of colors, perms, blow-dryers, curling irons, and straighteners.

Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are created from man-made fibers. These fibers are made to imitate the overall look and feel of real hair. Synthetic wigs are easy to care for and never have to be styled. The reason is that they have the ability to retain their style. Care entails washing, drying, and then the wig will return to its former style. If you want to enjoy multiple hairstyles, you can buy multiple wigs of varying styles.

Standard Wigs Versus Custom Wigs

Off-the-shelf wigs come in standard sizes that are meant to cover every head size. The issue is that head sizes and shapes are unique to each individual. This means that very rarely do these standard sizes fit anyone. You end up having to purchase the size that fits the closest and make the best of it, not to mention it is hard to find the right color and style to fit your lifestyle. This leads to discomfort and the worry that others can tell it is a wig.

Custom wigs ensure that you will experience a comfortable fit and a great look. Our hair specialists at New Look Institute, take precision measurements of your scalp to ensure the perfect fit. Custom wigs provide a seamless hairline that integrates seamlessly with your natural hairline and your existing growing hair. Individualized wigs are made for comfort and will ensure that you live your day-to-day life with maximum self-confidence.

Custom, Natural Wigs From New Look Institute

Wigs are notorious for being a gaudy and non-fitting hair loss solution. However, this is far from the case. High-quality wigs are indistinguishable from your real hair. New Look Institute is the premier hair restoration studio in San Jose. We offer state-of-the-art custom wigs that are made from real human hair. Our wigs are carefully handmade, lightweight, easy-to-maintain, and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Choose your style, length, color, and texture. You can either decide to match your natural hair as closely as possible or try a brand-new, bold look! It is completely up to you! Contact us today to schedule your free hair analysis!