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Laser Hair Therapy: It's Completely Safe!
September 16 2020

Laser Hair Therapy: It's Completely Safe!

Experiencing hair loss doesn't mean that you have to come to terms with it. You have options! One of these is laser hair growth therapy, which is an innovative laser technology that helps slow the progression of, and in some cases, stop further hair loss. There is a common misconception that laser hair therapy is risky. The truth is, it is a completely safe hair loss therapy. This is everything you need to know about laser hair growth therapy and how to determine if you are a candidate.

What is Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

Laser hair growth therapy is a cutting edge non-surgical hair loss treatment that is designed to slow the progression of hair loss and even stimulate regrowth of new hair. This type of therapy is FDA-cleared and uses low levels of laser light to administer treatment. It is important to note that these low-levels of light are safe and effective. In fact, there are not any known side-effects or notable discomforts.

How Does Laser Hair Growth Therapy Work?

The low-levels of laser light stimulate blood flow to the scalp, sometimes by as much as an astounding 50 percent. The increased blood flow then stimulates the hair follicles. It encourages them to grow new strands of hair. Here's how it works. The energy from the laser light is absorbed by the hair follicles. As the light is absorbed, circulation increases and distributes the blood supply and nutrients more evenly throughout the scalp and to each follicle.

This is true, even if the hair follicles have been miniaturized. 85 percent of clients see a slow in the progression of hair loss as well as restoring each miniaturized hair to its full strength while increasing its elasticity. Often times, laser hair growth therapy is used in combination with topical treatments to increase its effectiveness even more!

The Benefits of Laser Hair Growth Therapy

If determined to be a candidate, the benefits of laser hair growth therapy include:

  • Non-intrusive hair loss treatment
  • Painless form of hair loss therapy
  • There are no known side-effects
  • Increases the strength of hair
  • Promotes the growth of your natural hair
  • Results in a fuller, thicker head of hair

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

This type of hair loss therapy is designed for both men and women. It works best in individuals who are noticing thinning and in the beginning stages of hair loss. It tends to work well in those whose hair loss is due to androgenic alopecia. Our experienced hair specialists at New Look Institute can determine if you are an ideal candidate for laser hair growth therapy.

When Should You Begin Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

The sooner you begin laser hair growth therapy after noticing thinning hair, the higher your chances of success. The longer hair follicles remain dormant, the harder it is to restore them to full working order. To achieve maximum results and stop the progression of hair loss for as long as possible, you should start therapy as soon as possible.

Your Hair Deserves Only the Best!

Here at New Look Institute, you can rest assured that we use only the best laser hair therapy treatments and tools available. Choose between in-studio or take-home treatments. No matter which option you decide is right for you, as the leading hair restoration studio in San Jose, our hair specialists recommend a treatment plan that includes comprehensive trichological care to ensure that you are protecting the health of your existing hair. Do not waste another minute! Contact us today to book your FREE and confidential hair analysis.