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Hair Care Tips and How to Keep Your Hair Healthy
July 23 2020

Hair Care Tips and How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Shiny, bouncy, strong, silky, smooth hair is the type of hair that people admire, and most people strive to achieve. Commercials and advertising for hair products often exaggerate the effects of their products, but healthy hair is still very attainable in real life. While choosing the right hair care products is essential, healthy hair requires more than just using the right products. Men and women both like to keep their hair in great shape, and there are several proven and effective ways to improve and maintain the health of your hair and scalp.

Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Regardless of your hair type and texture, taking a few moments to brush your hair before washing will eliminate tangles and distribute natural oils from the scalp evenly throughout the hair strand.

When hair is wet, it is weaker and more prone to breakage. Wet hair is fragile, and a broad tooth comb used as gently as possible will help to limit damage to damp hair. Brushing your hair and removing tangles before washing will limit damage and leave your hair smooth and ready for styling after washing. After washing, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb and remove any remaining tangles as gently as possible.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

While it may seem counterintuitive, regular trimming eliminates split ends and aids with hair growth. Whether you choose a professional barber, a stylist, or do it yourself, trimming your hair while regularly will encourage hair growth. It is unnecessary to visit the salon every week, and everyone's hair is different, but in general, short hair should be trimmed every month or two, and medium to long hair should be trimmed every 6 to 12 weeks. Regular trimming removes damaged hair and split ends and will make your hair softer and more flexible, preventing damage and breakage.

Rethink The Way You Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is crucial to remove dirt, oil, and residue that can leave your hair looking limp and dull. The harsh ingredients in many shampoos can also remove too much oil, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Switching from shampoo and conditioner to a cleansing conditioner product can help to minimize the drying effect that washing can cause.

Daily washing can leave hair dull, cause split ends, and is especially damaging to hair if it is bleached, colored, chemically treated, or naturally very dry or porous. Over-washing your hair, such as washing it every day, can strip away the natural oils and proteins required to maintain hair and scalp health. In addition to choosing the right hair products, limiting hair washing to three times a week or every other day will help you to have healthier, shinier hair.

Choose Your Hair Care Products Carefully

Choosing the best hair products is essential to maintaining a healthy-looking head of hair. Many shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can dry out hair and leave it susceptible to damage. Many people are used to reading the ingredient labels on food products, but often, the back of our shampoo bottle is mostly left unread.

Over the past few years, much of the focus has been on sulfates used in soaps and shampoos. Sulfates are the ingredient typically used to help your shampoo lather and also the reason your eyes sting and burn when the shampoo runs down your face. Sulfates help remove excess oil and dirt, but research suggests that they remove the essential oils needed to protect your hair and keep it looking healthy. Reading the label and choosing natural hair care products will ensure that you are not unknowingly exposing your hair to harmful chemicals.

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