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New Look Institute's Response to COVID-19
March 24 2020

New Look Institute's Response to COVID-19

Update as of 4/17:

To Our Loyal Membership Clients:

This is an update and a reminder that we are here for you. We were here for many of our membership clients who chose to visit or work remote and we continue to support our loyal membership clients during this unprecedented crisis.

We are facing longer Shelter in Place orders in California. While this is beyond our control, we have taken some steps to take care of our membership clients and those with urgent needs. Please remember to contact us with any concerns or issues and to answer calls from our remote phone: (669) 287-6049. If you need a service appointment, read below on how to get it and remain safe:

    • We are now qualified as an “Essential Business” and have been open with limited staff and hours for a while, we notified all our clients of this at the beginning of April.
    • As a membership client, we want you to contact us to discuss how we can help you during this crisis. We are here for you to continue to look great for those video chats and video business meetings.
    • We are busy in the off hours to ensure that our inventory is current for our membership clients.
    • For the time being, we limiting the number of employees and clients in our office.
    • Our clients enjoy the sanitation procedures we implemented and have been able to keep everyone safe.
    • Our employees are provided with Personal Protection gear of the highest level to protect them and our clients, please call us to discuss if you have questions.

What are our plans to reopen? We are developing those with the help of industry specialists to ensure that we have a safe environment for both our clients and employees, more to come on this issue.

Please be assured that we will work with each one of you to help you be ready to resume your active lifestyle. Please call us to discuss any needs or concerns so we can work on overcoming any issues. From all of us at New Look Institute, we appreciate your support.