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Why Should You See a Trichologist
November 06 2019

Why Should You See a Trichologist

Issues with the hair and scalp can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. Our hair is an integral part of who we are and how people perceive us. While dealing with scalp and hair conditions can be challenging, there are treatments and options available to help.

What Is a Trichologist?

Trichology is the science of the human hair, its structure, function, and diseases. Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and conditions of the human hair and scalp. A trichologist is a specialist that helps people who have problems with their hair and scalp.

Several factors, such as hormonal imbalances, autoimmune problems, nutritional deficiencies, genetics, and physiological or psychological stress, can cause issues with the hair and scalp. For this reason, a trichologist considers more than merely the hair and scalp when making a diagnosis. Typically a trichologist will ask specific questions about your diet, lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, and medical history before determining the cause of your issue.

Reasons To Consult A Trichologist

A trichologist has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and provide treatment options for a variety of hair and scalp issues.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common reasons for consulting with a trichologist, and there are many misconceptions about the causes and treatment of these conditions.

The most prevalent type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, more commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. Androgenetic alopecia is common and affects nearly half of all men over the age of 50, but can be an issue for men of all ages.

Despite being commonly referred to as male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, also affects a large number of women. Just as in men, hair loss in women is natural. Approximately two-thirds of women will experience some hair loss following menopause, and by age 65, less than half of all women will still have a full head of hair.

Androgenic alopecia is a hereditary condition passed down through the family genes. In men, the condition usually starts at the front of the head and causes the hairline to recede until they go bald. Women tend to see hair loss starting at their part. The hair near the temples may start to recede, and thinning is noticeable all over the head.

There are many other types of hair loss caused by many different factors. After a thorough assessment, a trichologist can diagnose the cause of your hair loss and develop a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Scalp Problems

Scalp problems can range from dandruff to more inflammatory conditions. Like hair loss, scalp issues are often a symptom of some other underlying issue. An increase in the shedding of dead skin cells and inflammatory conditions can be caused by diet, stress, hair products, and even food allergies.

A qualified trichologist can also determine whether a scalp condition is the result of excessively dry or oily hair or the result of using harsh hair care products. Consulting with a trichologist will help to determine the cause of your scalp condition and provide the needed guidance to remedy the problem.

Hair Texture Problems

Excessive heat, exposure to harsh chemicals, or the many other stresses and strains that we subject our hair to may cause issues with texture. A trichologist's expertise lies in the medical science of the hair and scalp, and the cosmetic area as well. This overlapping training is not generally covered by either doctors or hairdressers and makes them uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat hair texture problems. With appropriate guidance and treatment, once the cause is discovered, the problem can often be reduced or eliminated.

Other Reasons To Consult a Trichologist

A qualified trichologist has the knowledge to deal with any scalp and hair issue. Hair thinning, hair loss, breakage, a burning or itching scalp, or any noticeable change to the hair or scalp all fall within the expertise of a trichologist and are worth a consultation.

Contact New Look Institute

At New Look Institute, our highly trained staff are experts at diagnosing and treating all scalp and hair conditions. We offer the latest technology and treatment options for any scalp or hair related condition. Our staff can provide guidance on the best hair products for you, and recommend topical treatments to promote a healthy scalp and hair, as well as options to deal with hair loss.

To learn more about trichology and to discuss your scalp and hair issues, contact us today for a free consultation.