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The Early Signs of Hair Loss and What to Do About It
October 23 2019

The Early Signs of Hair Loss and What to Do About It

It is normal for a person to lose between 50 and 100 hairs each day. So it can be difficult to know if what you're experiencing could be considered hair loss. Hair loss can develop slowly over time or happen abruptly, and it can be a subtle loss or come in patches. The way hair loss is experienced varies by person. But knowledge is the first step to finding any solution. Below you'll find the earliest signs of hair loss, what could be causing it, and how you can find solutions.

The Earliest Signs You May Be Losing Your Hair

Though every person's path is different, there are signs and symptoms associated with hair loss. Some hair loss may be temporary, while other permanent. Hair loss can be experienced on just the head, or all over the body. And with early intervention, you may be able to find the cause and solution. If you begin to notice these early signs, it may be time to talk to a medical professional:

  • Finding unusually large amounts of hair in brushes, in the shower/sink drain, or on clothing. You may notice clumps that come out in your hand as well.
  • Noticing your hair feels thinner. For women, this can be easily noticed by pulling it into a ponytail and feeling for a difference in thickness.
  • Widening of the part in your hair. This often happens gradually over time.
  • Changes in your hairline, which can occur at the front of your hairline or at your neckline.
  • The appearance of one or more bald patches, which can happen on any area of the head.
  • Gradual thinning on the top of your head, which is most often associated with age.

Hair loss is more commonly experienced by men, but many women also experiencing varying degrees of hair loss. Men tend to notice thinning or balding around the widow's peak or the crown of the head. Women, on the other hand, tend to notice a more general thinning of the hair, though it can be often centralized on the top of the head.

What Could Be Causing It?

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of things, including genetics, health, and more. Though heredity is the most common cause of hair loss and baldness, there may be many reasons why you're experiencing it. Here are just a few of the other causes of hair loss:

  • Hormonal changes as a result of menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid problems, and more
  • Medical conditions like alopecia, infections of the scalp, thyroid disease, lupus, as well as stress
  • Medications such as those used for depression, heart problems, cancer, and arthritis
  • Radiation therapy of the head for medical treatment
  • A diet lacking in iron, protein, and other important nutrients

What to Do Next

It can be difficult to determine the cause of your hair loss yourself. Thinning hair or baldness can be the result of one or many factors. That is why it is important to seek the help of trusted professionals. While it is true that hair loss cannot necessarily be cured, it can be treated and helped. With the help of today's technology, there are a variety of solutions for hair loss. We offer a variety of hair restoration systems that are tailored to your specific needs. In addition, we can offer you a multitude of preventative treatments to help stop those early signs in their tracks.

If you think you may be experiencing hair loss or have noticed any of the signs you've read above, it's important to act quickly. Contact our trusted staff here at New Look Institute to get your free consultation and begin your journey to a head of fuller, healthier hair today!