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When Chemotherapy Leads to Hair Loss, We Can Help
October 15 2019

When Chemotherapy Leads to Hair Loss, We Can Help

There are many cancer-related issues that cause additional stress to the people dealing with the illness. At New Look Institute we know that added stress is the last thing you need right now. That's why we want to help ease your concerns about one of those stressors - hair loss.

Cancer and Hair Loss

Cancer itself is hard to face, and the potential hair loss that comes with chemotherapy can also be hard. About 65% of people that go through chemotherapy will experience hair loss. While it is acceptable by society for men to be bald, this look isn't favored by most women. 47% of women feel that hair loss is the most traumatic part of undergoing chemo. Women want to feel beautiful, and for most women, their hair is tied to that beauty. Our clinic understands this, and we understand that women - and men - might want a solution to their hair loss, even if it is temporary. We want to help make this aspect of hair loss easier for those dealing with the effects of chemotherapy. And while this hair loss isn't permanent, we want to help you feel like yourself again when it comes to your hair.

Ways to Help Lessen Your Hair Loss

While losing your hair may seem inevitable, there are ways you can reduce the amount lost or the speed at which you lose it.

  • Use a towel to dry your hair, patting gently. Use a wide-tooth comb for brushing to avoid breaking fragile hairs. If you have to use a blow-dryer, be sure to use the lowest heat setting.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, which can irritate your scalp and lead to faster hair loss.
  • Avoid harsh brushes and styling tools.
  • Consider cutting your hair short, which will make your hair look fuller and feel lighter.
  • Choose a satin pillowcase. It is less likely to attract and catch fragile hair, meaning less will fall out while you're sleeping.

What To Do if You've Lost All Your Hair

When the times comes for you to have to shave your head or you've lost all your hair, you may want to choose to wear a scarf or wig as a way to feel more confident and comfortable. If you decide to go the wig route, our clinic can help you. We provide custom wig fittings and can help you choose from the most beautiful, seamless, and natural-looking wigs. It is helpful to start this process before you lose all your hair so that we can create the best match for you.

Ways to Restore Your Hair

After you are done with your chemo treatments and ready for your hair to grow back, there are a few things you can do to help your hair growth. It's important to remember that your hair might grow back slightly different and will be more fragile. The color, texture, or shape may have changed. You'll also want to avoid chemical treatments like hair dyes. While you're waiting for your hair to grow back, you can still wear your wig or scarf. Once your hair has grown long enough, if you want a longer look faster or feel like your hair isn't full enough, we can help with hair extensions.

Your Partner for All Things Hair

No matter how you decide to handle your chemotherapy-related hair loss, the decision is solely yours. Your body is undergoing something hard, and the most important thing you can do during this time is to keep your spirits up and believe that you can overcome your cancer. If and when you're ready to partner with us on your cancer journey, we're here to help. Contact us for your free consultation or to ask us any hair restoration related needs.