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Best Styles for Thinning Hair
September 23 2019

Best Styles for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is something that happens to many women. There are several treatments that help restore your hair's thickness, but while you're waiting for them to work, you can alter your hairstyle and hide your thinning locks with these best styles for thinning hair.

Go with a Layered Look

Layers are a wonderful hairstyle for thinning hair. A skilled stylist can create a plethora of different looks using layers which also give make your hair appear thicker. When you decide to get layers to help disguise your thinning hair, chose a stylist who excels at matching the layers to the length of hair you prefer. Layers work nicely for women with both long and short hair.

Add Some Babylights

Babylights are softer and more subtle than traditional highlights. Not only do they help create an illusion of thickness, but they also help give your hair a nice healthy glow. Babylights work best on light to medium brown hair. They can accent any hairstyle. Babylights should always be done by an experienced stylist.

Try a Layered Pixie Cut

When most people hear the words pixie cut, they think of extremely short hair. That doesn't have to be the case. Yes, the layered pixie cut is short, but there is still plenty of hair to work with. The great thing about the layered pixie cut is that it's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create the illusion of thick hair and who also wants a low maintenance, chick style.

A messy pixie cut is a little shorter but equally good for disguising thinning hair.

Straight Bobs are Flattering

Looking for a style that hides your thinning hair, but which isn't as short as the layered pixie cut? The layered bob is probably just the style you seek. This cut is easy to style and maintain. The one thing to keep in mind is that this particular style looks best with straight hair, so if you have curls or waves, you should plan on spending some quality time with your flat iron.

Have You Considered the Undercut Pixie?

The undercut pixie is a style that works well with thinning hair that is becoming increasingly common. The look requires leaving the hair towards the top of the head a little long while giving the hair on the lower part of the scalp a close undercut. The result not only helps make your hair look thicker but is also very trendy. For the most part, the undercut pixie is easy to maintain, though you'll have to schedule frequent trips to your stylist to keep the undercut short and tidy.

The Textured Lob

Just because you want a style that helps hide your thinning hair, you don't have to go with a short cut. A textured lob is a longer style that looks great with medium length, thin hair. It doesn't require a great deal of daily styling and works well for women who have both straight and curly hair.

A Short A-Line Cut

The short A-line cut is a style that comes and goes. It's a great choice for women who want to disguise their thinning hair. The cut leaves your hair longer in the front and shorter in the back. It works particularly well for women with wavy hair. This particular style adds volume and looks fantastic, but it does require some daily styling.

Choosing a hairstyle that adds volume to your thinning hair is just the first step in looking and feeling great. The second step is restoring your hair's original thickness. Contact New Look Institute and book a free consultation. During the free consultation, we'll provide information about multiple treatments we offer women who long for thicker, gorgeous hair.