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Just How Important Is A Healthy Scalp?
June 10 2019

Just How Important Is A Healthy Scalp?

Hair loss can be a truly a sensitive subject, but there's hope. In fact, losing hair is a condition that impacts both men and women alike. Women take pride in the look, feel, and texture of their hair, but men want to feel confident about their hair too. If you're suffering from hair loss, you're not alone. According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), hair loss is very common. Millions of American's will experience some pattern of hair loss during their lifetime. Continue reading below to discover details on how and why taking care of your scalp can prevent hair loss.

How To Take Care Of Your Scalp To Avoid Hair Loss

Proper nutrition. Researchers have discovered that a poor diet can cause sudden hair loss. Eating a properly balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables can keep your hair and scalp strong. When your scalp becomes dry from a lack of nourishment, you can begin to notice signs of hair loss. Balance your diet each day by adding fruits (i.e. strawberries, kiwi), vegetables (i.e. spinach, avocados), and the proper water intake to nourish your scalp.

Condition your scalp. A dry, itchy scalp can cause hair loss. It's important to keep your scalp hydrated with the right hair care products to prevent hair loss. It's no secret, a healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth. You should condition your hair with a mild conditioner to keep your scalp healthy and clean. Washing your hair too much can impact the scalp and even wash away essential oils that can contribute to hair loss. When you wash and condition your hair, be sure to use a massaging motion to stimulate the hair follicles and your scalp.

Maintain a healthy pH. Your scalp pH should always range from 4 to 5 to be considered healthy. Products with a very low pH can degrade the sensitive skin of your scalp. A normal scalp pH balance, decreases your chances of accumulating bacteria and fungus that can cause hair loss. However, a high pH balance can disrupt the scalp and create an inability for your hair to grow healthy.

Why Taking Care Of Your Scalp Is Important

Your scalp is the nerve center of your hair. If your scalp is not healthy, it sends a message to your hair follicles that inhibits or sends hair growth in a resting phase. An irritated scalp can be a nemesis to natural hair growth. Maintaining a healthy scalp promotes hair growth and discourages patterns of hair loss. Your scalp consists of epidermis and dermis that thrive on the proper treatment, nutrition, and hair care products. A healthy scalp produces vibrant hair follicles that causes your hair to grow healthy and strong. In fact, scarred tissue on your scalp from perms and dyes also contribute to hair loss. The sun can damage the scalp causing hair loss which makes a hat an essential tool in hot temperatures. A hat blocks UV rays from damaging your scalp and can be your best friend in the extremely hot summer months.

There are many other common causes of hair loss that include heredity, pregnancy, and stress. The first way to treat hair loss is finding out what's causing your symptoms. It's important to understand that hair loss isn't always a permanent condition. A dermatologist, beautician, or hair loss expert can diagnose and treat your condition of hair loss.

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