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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Seasonal Hair Loss
April 03 2019

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Seasonal Hair Loss

You've probably heard of seasonal affective disorder—depression that hits with the change of seasons, particularly in the winter when the days are shorter. And of course, you know all about the various environmental changes that happen with the change of seasons. But did you know about seasonal hair loss? It's a real thing! Here is what you need to know about seasonal hair loss and what you can do about it.

What is Seasonal Hair Loss?

Hair loss at any time is usually alarming. But sometimes, the cause is actually not so troubling, and even quite normal. One of these causes is seasonal hair loss. Men and women can both experience seasonal hair loss in the fall or winter. The reason for this has to do with how the human body has historically needed to adapt to the seasons to protect itself. In the summer, when we tend to be in the sun, our bodies produce more hair and allow us to hold onto that hair to protect our scalps and heads from the sun's rays.

In the fall and winter, some people experience hair loss at a higher rate because their bodies aren't trying to create that extra shield anymore. The good news is, as long as the follicles are healthy, the hair will most likely grow back. Seasonal hair loss, thankfully, is temporary. One study mentioned in an article from Allure stated that women had the most hairs in the growth stage in July, with a second peak of growth in April.

Another theory behind seasonal hair loss is just the changes in hormones as our bodies decrease exposure to the sun in the fall and winter. No doubt, sunlight and hormones both play an incredibly vital role in our mental and physical health and it only makes sense healthy hair is included in that.

How to Know If You Have Seasonal Hair Loss?

If you don't usually experience hair loss but have noticed more hairs falling out in the shower or as you brush your hair at the end of the summer, seasonal hair loss could be the source. But if the hair loss doesn't let up, it's time to talk to a hair loss professional to find a solution. Even those hairs falling out are caused by seasonal hair loss, hair loss professionals like our highly qualified staff at New Look Institute can find a solution for you so you don't have to fret through the winter, waiting for the hair to come back.

Hair Loss Solutions

At New Look Institute, we know hair loss can be a sensitive issue, even though so many people experience it. At your free one-on-one consultation, our professionals will help determine the cause and a number of potential solutions for your hair loss. One solution we find helpful with seasonal hair loss is laser hair treatment. Gentle and FDA approved lasers stimulate hair follicles and increase blood flow to the scalp by 50%. Laser hair treatments are so effective that we see them stop the progression of hair loss in most patients.

If your hair loss isn't seasonal, there are many other treatment options including hair replacement systems. We use the most reputable systems on the market that seamlessly integrate the hair system with your natural hair. You can read more about the process here. Hair extensions and toppers are always an option too. Hair loss can make people feel hopeless. If that's you, please meet with one of our professionals. There is hope for both men and women experiencing hair loss—whether that is seasonal hair loss or otherwise. For more information, contact us at New Look Institute today!