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How Laser Hair Therapy Can Help Restore Your Hair
March 08 2019

How Laser Hair Therapy Can Help Restore Your Hair

A positive body image is a wonderful thing, and everyone is entitled to such a feeling. That is why when men and women find themselves battling hair loss, they should know there is a solution. Several solutions are available to combat hair loss, depending on the client and the cause for the hair loss. Laser hair therapy is a great solution to help with hair loss. This treatment has proven to reverse hair loss in our clients and return their self-esteem back with beautiful hair.

What is Laser Hair Therapy?

Focusing on the scalp, laser hair therapy refers to a process that stimulates the natural hair growth process in the scalp. Our clients come to our studio where they are placed under laser light and have their scalp treated to promote hair growth and reverse the hair loss they may be experiencing. The Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) process is cleared by the FDA and determined safe and effective based upon the specific laser frequency that is used for this treatment.

How Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

After our clients are placed under the Laser Light device, the frequency of the LLLT is at the correct level to stimulate the hair follicles. The Laser stimulates the hair follicles and promotes a healthy scalp. The improved blood flow rejuvenates the hair follicles, and the hair follicles begin their normal hair growth process. The FDA found that the miniaturized hair that gets smaller because of the hair loss can be nursed back to normal growth by the rejuvenated hair follicles. This recovery process is enhanced when the Low-Level Laser Therapy is combined with the right hair products to create a healthy scalp.

In-Studio or Take-Home

While the initial treatments are encouraged in-studio, our clients have the flexibility to choose whether they want to continue treatments in-studio or use a home device. We are currently offering the Hairmax Laserband professional line, to take home. We want our clients to be comfortable in their hair loss treatment solution, so offering flexible options for their satisfaction is a goal of our studio.

Choosing the in-studio option gives our clients no responsibility but to show up and relax during their treatment session. Our specialists manage the entire system and ensure that the treatment is operating appropriately.

Laserband professional products are our take-home option available for our clients. This treatment comes in the form of a laser band that our clients wrap around their scalp. This treatment is required at home three times a week. During those three home treatments, the manufacturer states that when using the products, the user must have three passes of ninety seconds each, totaling the treatment time to four and a half minutes maximum for the at-home treatment during each session.

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Our clients who take part in either the in-studio or the home device laser treatments find some relief after a few weeks of treatment. The clients, who followed the treatments carefully, have noticed the hair rejuvenation process and controlling the hair shedding in 85% of the cases.

If you are currently experiencing hair loss and want to correct the problem, contact New Look Institute to learn how this process may help you. Come for a no-cost consultation to learn all the options that may help you achieve a healthy head of hair. It takes a little time to fill out a request online or call our office to set up a consultation to help you decide if this process can help you. We look forward to your call or visit soon.