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Consider These Flattering Hairstyles for Thinning Hair
January 24 2019

Consider These Flattering Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

New Look Institute offers free consultations to people who are dealing with hair loss and thinning hair. and we offer many attractive solutions. Thinning hair and hair loss often create a need to reconsider your present hairstyle and to experiment with other styles that can be as flattering. Men and woman are both affected with thinning hair with either temporary or permanent hair loss. We will help you determine the cause, and find a solution and hairstyle that works best for you. 

Stylists offer many solutions for all types of hair including yours. Here are some flattering hairstyles for thinning hair recommended by our stylists:

For Men

Men with thinning hair generally look best with a short hairstyle. Long hair contrasts with a receding hairline and focuses attention on what's missing rather than what is flourishing. Short haircuts such as an undercut or high fade paired with a buzz or crew cut create a great natural look. The slicked back is one of the most popular styles. When combined with a small pomp and side fades, the appearance of thinning hair is lessened and the style looks planned. Many men complete this look with a neatly trimmed beard.

There are other attractive options to choose among. Shaved sides with a comb-over and a full beard give an adventurous look both in the boardroom and on the ball field. This may be the time to get a buzz cut combined with a hair design that expresses your personality.

Whichever style you choose, you should refrain from using hair gels. These products clump hair together and further accentuate thinning hair. Hair products with a matte finish provide a good look. Hair wax will give your hairstyle a strong hold and a natural texture that will cover any bald spots.

For Women

Blunt lines make your hair appear thicker, so avoid layered styles. Thin hair looks best at shoulder length or above unless you wear it in a ponytail. A straight-edge bob falls flat and can make you look older. For an up-to-date, trendy look, try an asymmetrical bob. A cut that is longer on one side adds dimension to your hair. To boost volume, you can part an asymmetrical bob to one side.

Women with thick hair can get away with full bangs, but this is not the best look for thin hair. However, stylists have found that choppy front bangs are a natural for thin hair. Uneven strands give you the option to part your bangs to one side or separate them in the middle. This style has been a favorite of French women for years.

One of the best short hairstyles for thinning hair is a pixie cut. With this style, thin hair works to your advantage and it is very low-maintenance. Instead of spending aggravating hours trying to add volume to your hair, with a pixie you can step out of the shower and get on with your day. A short, standard bob with an angled cut is chic and simple to style. It also adds more volume in the back.

Women with thin hair find braids falling down their back or shoulder exaggerate thinning hair. But, you do not have to give up on braids. Pull your hair up and use your braid as a headband. This creates the illusion of fuller hair and draws attention away from the back.

Thin hair is more fragile than thick hair, so it is important to select ties that are gentle on your hair. A "telephone cord" hair ring does not damage hair. Braided fabric and ornamental elastic ties protect your hair and give you a sophisticated look.

If you are struggling with thinning hair, please contact us for a free consultation. You will learn about options that meet your budget and lifestyle needs and create the image you wish to present to the world. Our stylists are eager to meet you and to help you achieve your hairstyle goals.