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New Year, New Extensions for the Gorgeous at Heart!
January 02 2019

New Year, New Extensions for the Gorgeous at Heart!

Are you losing your hair but you feel embarrassed to talk about it? You are not alone. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that forty percent of women will experience hair loss by the time they are the age 40. Hair loss for men is commonly discussed but for women it comes with a social stigma. In our society, thinning hair is viewed as a loss of health and youth. This can be tough for women - a real blow to our self-confidence.

With a new year on the horizon, it is the perfect time to review what we want to change about the past few months and step up our game. If you are feeling uncomfortable about thinning out on top, hair extensions can be the answer. How great would it be to have a fresh new beginning, feeling attractive and confident again? We are here to show you the best available options and guide you on your journey to a new look.

New Year, New Extensions

You would be surprised at how many women use hair extensions as part of their regular beauty regime. Here are the top 8 reasons they are so popular and why they will make a big difference to you in the new year:

  • Add length and volume to your hair. If your hair is not growing thicker or longer, they are the ideal solution.
  • Look extremely natural. The best quality extensions are made from real human hair and come in a variety of textures and colors that blend perfectly with your own hair.
  • Hide a bad hair day. There are some days when no matter what you try, you simply cannot do a thing with your hair! Hair extensions can be clipped on and styled any way you choose.
  • Change your hair color. Chemical treatments can aggravate sensitive hair and scalps, causing hair to thin even more. Extensions allow you to add pizzazz to your color safely.
  • Bring back that youthful look. Some women choose to shave their heads as they get older, but most of us feel more youthful with a healthy head of hair. Extensions revive limp hair, making it look and feel fuller.
  • Transform your style. Hair extensions immediately give you more strands to work with, providing you with so many more possibilities. You can have extensions for everyday use, and a few others for special occasions.
  • Protect your natural hair. Some of the alternatives, such as bonding and tape-ins can be quite damaging to your natural hair and interfere with its growth. Extensions are safe to use and cause no damage.
  • Reduce your salon visits. Hair extensions make it easy for you to get the look you want without needing to see a professional stylist on a weekly basis. They can actually reduce the amount of time needed to do your hair every morning.

Get Gorgeous, Get Going!

There are some days when we feel like we are at the top of our game and everything is on our side. We feel gorgeous, happy and confident. Have you noticed this happens especially when you are having a good hair day? It's only natural that things seem to go better when we like how we look. Our self-esteem is higher.

Great hair makes us look better, but more important is how we feel. When we feel beautiful, good things happen. It impacts all areas of our lives - personal, social and professional.

At New Look Institute, we specialize in the most advanced hair restoration solutions, working with each client individually to support your unique lifestyle. We take all the time you need in a private consultation room to determine your needs and choose the best course of action. For the new year, new extensions give you options. We want you start the year off with a bang, looking and feeling youthful, vibrant and beautiful! Your first consultation with us is absolutely free. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.