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Is Saltwater Damaging to the Hair?
December 19 2018

Is Saltwater Damaging to the Hair?

Everyone loves to spend time on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the wonderful saltwater! However, many people may be wondering if saltwater is less than ideal for their hair. While saltwater can be soothing to the skin, the reality of the situation is, that it can actually be damaging to the health of the hair.

It is extremely drying, and many people find that after spending significant time being exposed to the conditions of saltwater, they are left with brittle, breaking, and unhealthy hair. In this blog, we will examine what saltwater does to the hair, why and how it can damage strands, and what to do if this has happened to you.

What Are The Signs of Damage?

You may have noticed that before you exposed your hair to the saltwater, it had strength and elasticity. After spending considerable time in a damaging environment, some people, especially women, notice that their hair seems to have less life, it breaks easily and is falling out, and it seems to be much weaker and more brittle. These are all signs of saltwater damage.

What Happens To Damaged Hair?

In addition to breaking off and falling out, a person may notice that their hair is much dryer to the touch, and takes significantly longer to blow dry. Styles don't hold nearly as well. Those with color treated hair also notice a definite change. This can damage someone's self-confidence and leave them feeling disappointed about what has happened. Keep in mind that hair needs moisture in order for it to be healthy, and saltwater robs it of that. Combined with the sun, this can do significant damage to the hair. Often, many people may think that they can repair the damage with a quick conditioning rinse, and unfortunately, this is not always the case. These people may be wondering what they can do when a more in-depth treatment is needed.

How Can I Prevent Damage?

There is no reason to stay away from the beach! You can help to prevent saltwater damage by constantly rinsing hair that has been exposed to saltwater. Also, be sure that you are using a professional, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner before and after exposure to saltwater. These important steps will help prevent damage that can be done by exposing the hair to saltwater while at the beach.

What If The Damage Is Already Done?

Although there are steps to take that can prevent saltwater damage, many people don't realize the problems it can have on the hair until after the damage has been done. At New Look Institute, we offer many solutions for those who are experiencing damaged hair due to saltwater exposure. If you have spent time at the beach, and notice that your hair is breaking off, brittle, extremely dry, and lacks luster and volume, come in for a consultation to discuss your options. You don't have to let the saltwater take its toll on your hair.

With treatments such as wigs, hair restoration systems, extensions and toppers, the damage can be quickly and easily concealed. Our solutions are simple and effective, and look completely natural. Your professional hair consultant will assess the damage and together, you will discuss the options that are right for you. With many solutions to choose from, you can be assured that there is one to meet your needs as well as your budget. The results of our treatments can help you regain your confidence and leave you feeling and looking wonderful. Our consultations are one-on-one with a hair loss specialist who understands your needs and concerns, contact us today!