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Can Different Types of Weather Cause Hair Loss?
November 08 2018

Can Different Types of Weather Cause Hair Loss?

When most people think of the weather, they do not usually associate it with hair loss. Many people make it a habit to protect their hair from elements such as rain and wind for cosmetic reasons, they may not realize that certain weather conditions can affect hair health. This doesn't necessarily mean that the hot or cold weather is always directly responsible for hair loss. While there is a connection, there are also times that seasonal habits cause the hair to break or fall out. Let's take a look at some of the ways that the weather can have a relation to the amount of hair that a person might lose.

Can Cold Weather Cause Hair Loss?

While the freezing temperatures alone will not cause the hair to thin or fall out, there is a direct relation between cold weather and hair loss. In the winter, we tend to wear hats for protection and warmth, which can be tight fitting and pull on the hair, causing it to weaken and fall out. As a result, traction alopecia can occur. In general, everyone should be more aware of their habits during the winter season, as there can be a connection to hair loss. Also, women may wish to protect their hair from the cold wind by pulling it into a tight bun or ponytail. This causes distress to the hair follicles, and hair loss can occur as a result. Many people who spend excessive time outdoors in the cold temperatures also experience a dry scalp, which can lead to hair loss as well. The hair becomes brittle due to a lack of moisture, and a person may notice that breakage occurs more easily. Over time, the hair may become noticeably thinner.

The Effects Of Hot Weather On Hair Loss

Many people have heard the myth that hair grows faster in the summer. In fact, the opposite may actually be true. The reason is actually quite simple. Due to the heat, people tend to shed hair more quickly as a natural reaction. They may notice their hair becoming thinner during the summer months. The excessive heat of the season causes hair to remain in the resting, or telogen phase, longer than normal, making it more likely to fall out at a faster rate. While it is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair per day, some people may notice that more hair is falling out in the summer months, due to the prolonged telogen phase.

What Can Be Done?

You should always take precautions to protect your scalp no matter what the season is or what the weather conditions are. With that being said, seasonal hair loss may not always be completely prevented. However, be sure to keep hair properly moisturized in both the summer and winter seasons. Choose hats that fit loosely and that are not damaging to the hair. During the summer, it is a wise choice to choose hair products that contain an SPF in order to keep the hair protected from the sun. Also, be aware of the drying effects of swimming pools, and excessive amounts of time spent outdoors.

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