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How to Handle an Attack on Hair Follicles Successfully
September 26 2018

How to Handle an Attack on Hair Follicles Successfully

Many people are alarmed when they notice lots of hair in their brush or in their shower. Luckily, there are as many solutions for hair loss as there are causes. The most important thing is learning why the hair is falling and how to handle an attack on hair follicles for best results. We know quite a lot about this subject and can help! First, let's look at some of the causes of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

• Heredity - Family history can predispose some people to lose hair. Male-pattern baldness typically results in a receding hairline, and female-pattern baldness manifests itself as thinning hair. This is typically a gradual process that occurs over many years.
• Hormonal changes - A wide range of issues can cause hair loss. In some cases, the hair loss is temporary, as due to childbirth, pregnancy, thyroid levels, or menopause. These types generally resolve themselves over time if the problem is situational or corrected medically.
• Medical issues - Alopecia Areata is a common autoimmune disease which results in patchy hair loss. Scalp infections can also cause hair loss, as can other autoimmune diseases like lupus.
• Medications - On the flip side, hair loss can be caused by many different types of medications. Cancer drugs are notorious for causing hair loss, but those used for depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, even arthritis, and gout, can have hair loss as a side effect. Usually, this type of hair loss lessens when the medication is stopped, but the hair sometimes is not the same as it grows back.
• Stress - An extremely stressful event can cause a general thinning of the hair several months later. This hair loss is usually temporary. Ongoing stress can also cause hair loss and thinning.
• Hairstyles and hair treatments - Styles that pull hair tight, like braids, pigtails, and the like, can cause hair loss that is called traction alopecia. Likewise, chemical treatments like hair coloring, permanents, and even hot oil treatments can cause problems with falling hair.

How to Handle an Attack on Hair Follicles

Hair loss problems fall into one of the above causes, making it easier to figure out why you are experiencing hair loss. More important is how to handle an attack on hair follicles and choosing the right treatment for you. Let's look at some things that can be done to reduce or eliminate hair loss.

Home Remedies - Everyone seems to have a story about putting something weird on their head that stopped hair loss, and some of these home remedies do work for thinning hair. Diet is very important and eating lots of protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts, fish, and lean meats are helpful. Supplements can help as well; biotin, folic acid, B vitamins, and iron are effective to fend off hair loss. Massage also helps. But home remedies are sometimes not enough.

Medical Treatments - There are hair loss medications that are effective for some people that can reverse hair loss or slow additional thinning. If the hair loss is caused by an underlying medical issue, that will be addressed and it can often stop further hair loss. Likewise, switching medications to a different prescription that does not cause hair loss can help, if the doctor knows it is a problem.

Talk to New Look Institute - We are experts at solving hair loss issues. We understand the different causes of hair loss and help our clients by offering custom solutions specific to their type of hair loss. We offer a variety of custom solutions, such as topical thickening, laser hair therapy, and trichology. We offer topical solutions for hair regrowth and topical thickening that repair scalp damage and lessen shedding. They can be used alone or in combination with our laser hair therapy. We also offer trichology. Laser therapy is proven safe and effective and is fully cleared by the FDA. Laser light stimulates increased blood flow to the follicles and effectively halts hair loss in 85 percent of clients. Trichology offers treatments for scalp issues that attack hair follicles and cause hair loss, leaving our clients with ideal conditions for hair regrowth. 

New Look Institute is knowledgeable and experienced in the hair loss field. We frequently meet and help new clients who are experiencing hair loss. Our solutions are quick, easy, and extremely effective. Better looking hair is simply a call or email away; contact us today to receive your FREE consultation.