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Can Vinegar Prevent Hair Loss? Or Do Better Methods Exist?
August 16 2018

Can Vinegar Prevent Hair Loss? Or Do Better Methods Exist?

Many people claim vinegar has a number of health benefits. One benefit touted is the prevention of hair loss. Others claim that apple cider vinegar, specifically, will regrow hair if used daily. There are many who claim a daily rinse is all it takes. Is there any truth to these claims? Can a simple substance stop, and even reverse, hair loss?

Truthfully, there is little to no scientific evidence to support these claims.

• No evidence supports the claim that it balances the pH level of your hair.
• Claims that vinegar smooths cuticles and makes hair glossy are unsubstantiated stories.
• Zero studies show that using apple cider vinegar as a daily rinse helps in treating dry and itchy scalps. Also, there are no studies showing it helps in preventing dandruff.

Many anecdotal stories exist about the uses of vinegar and hair loss. The fact is, the science doesn't back much of it up. No studies show vinegar having a positive impact on hair growth or scalp conditions. One thing is certain. A major part of hair loss prevention involves the scalp.

Many have never heard of trichology, a field of dermatology that focuses on the scalp. It shouldn't be a surprise, a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. It sounds like common sense. However, many are surprised to learn much of hair loss comes from scalp conditions, like rashes, too much oil, or just poor hygiene.

At New Look Institute, we have a certified Trichology Practitioner in-house to test and evaluate every case. After a thorough evaluation, a recommendation is made to every client to improve scalp health. We provide treatments for a wide range of scalp conditions. These include issues like dry or dull hair, rashes, oily scalp, itching and dandruff to seasonal shedding and inflammation.

It all starts with the evaluation, after that we offer solutions. Each solution is proven safe, natural, effective, and specific to each client's need. Some solutions require a diet change. Others, we recommend the use of supplements. In some cases we may recommend using our topical products, or laser treatments.

We take pride in our topical hair growth and thickening products. Our selection includes lotions, shampoos, and conditioners for all styles of hair. All the products are plant and fruit based. They are designed to be natural, safe, and effective for our clients.

We carry an exclusive line of products from Capilia. As a leading name in hair and scalp treatment science, there is no better to trust. These natural products help repair damage to your scalp, reduce hair shedding, and create a healthy environment to prevent further hair loss.

A common question we get asked a lot is how does laser hair therapy work? Basically, it uses low level laser lights on the scalp. This stimulates and increases blood flow to the scalp. The increased blood flow stimulates hair follicles to regrow, even if they are miniaturized. This process has shown to stop hair loss in 85 percent of our clients.

These treatments are proven safe and effective. They have the full clearance from the FDA. This method is so safe we offer a home treatment method. This works for customers who want to increase hair growth and fullness with three short sessions a week at home.

Unlike vinegar, these methods are scientifically tested and shown to help with hair loss. They are safe and natural. Use vinegar if you want, as it hasn't shown to hurt anything. However, no studies show it helps either. If you want to really do something about your hair loss, contact us today for a free consultation.