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At New Look Institute, We’re Constantly Getting Better
June 07 2018

At New Look Institute, We’re Constantly Getting Better

There are many solutions available for those struggling with hair loss—solutions to fit any set of needs, and any budget. What’s more, hair restoration technology is constantly evolving and improving. Here at New Look Institute, it’s important to us that we evolve and improve with it. That’s why we invest in continuous education for our stylists, ensuring that they’re always well-versed in the latest hair restoration techniques, able to serve our clients with truly cutting-edge solutions.

To that end, we’re proud to announce a recent, in-studio training event for the entire New Look team. In early May, for an event that spanned several days, we invited Baha Alwardi, a recognized expert in women’s and men’s hair replacement, to come instruct our team and help us provide an even better service to our clients. It’s an example of our commitment to stay at the vanguard of hair replacement.

About Baha Alwardi

Alwardi has been a specialist in men’s and women’s hair replacement and extensions for more than two decades. He brought all that diverse experience to bear here at New Look Institute.

Specifically, he has worked at and managed a range of hair replacement studios, including his own salon space in Boynton Beach, Florida.

For 15 years, he has been an instructor at Hair Visions International, as well as Acclaimed Hair Academy and their Annual Conferences. He also travels across the country, performing in-salon training sessions for On Rite.

In addition, Alwardi is an instructor for a company called Color Design. A Board-Certified Colorist, he has received accreditation from a number of leading beauty schools, among them Pivot Point, Toni Guys, and Hair Color USA.

About the Training

New Look Institute is truly honored to have had such a prestigious hair replacement specialist come speak with our team; the event helped to empower our stylists to use some of the most advanced and effective hair restoration new look institute team trainingtechnologies available, including new bonding and grafting techniques that can accommodate some new hair base designs. Additionally, Alwardi gave us some special tools and techniques that are particularly useful for our geographic climate.

Ultimately, this training was designed to help us keep providing the excellent customer service that we’re known for, and to present each client with the best, most cutting-edge hair restoration techniques available today.

As for our stylists, they found it incredibly worthwhile! “This class taught me some valuable techniques,” one stylist says. And another one adds that Alwardi delivered “great tips for helping clients get the most satisfaction from their hair systems.”

About New Look Institute

At New Look Institute, we’re proud to be the leading source of hair replacement solutions in the San Jose area. We understand that hair loss can be devastating for men and women alike, but through a one-on-one consultation we’re able to recommend customized solutions for anyone struggling with hair loss. We use only the most effective and safe hair restoration technologies, and always provide our clients with options that meet their budgets.

We take pride in the fact that we’re constantly getting better at what we do—better equipped to give our clients hope for full hair restoration. Our thanks to Alwardi for helping us in the pursuit of this goal.

To learn more about the options available for your hair restoration needs, reach out to New Look Institute in San Jose today.