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6 Reasons for Bad Hair Days and How to Overcome Them
May 15 2018

6 Reasons for Bad Hair Days and How to Overcome Them

Bad hair days, we all have them and some experts say we experience them up to 3 times a week. If you have less, then you are lucky. But why do we experience then only a couple times a week, not every day? Let's see what causes bad hair days and how to overcome them. In the meantime, there is a way to get a handle on those days until your tresses are back to their lustrous, shiny beauty. New Look Institute has a number of ways to help and support you with everything from hair restoration systems, to wigs, extensions and toppers

Causes of Those Bad Hair Days

  1. Products - Using the wrong types of products can snuff the life right out of your hair. Of course, you are aware of different skin types, we buy the correct make up for dry or oily skin, we may even change up for different seasons. Your hair has the same needs. Are you using the same shampoo yout used years ago when your hair was oily? Your hair composition changes as you age, just like your skin.
  2. Styling - Excessive brushing and brushing wet hair can be bad for your hair. When wet, hair is more elastic and can easily break. We all know that split and broken ends are sure signs of damaged hair. High temperatures from the hair dryers and straighteners we use daily cause damage as well. 
  3. Diet - A diet with not enough hair supporting nutrients will also results in brittle, lifeless, dry hair. Foods that stimulate hair growth are omega-3 rich such as fish and eggs, also try to supplement with spinach and bananas.
  4. Stress and Anxiety – Unfortunately, the world we live in provides us with plenty of both. The important thing is to try to combat them the best you can. Exercise can help significantly. When you exercise you release cortisol, the biggest culprit for most fight or flight feelings. When you have those feelings controlled, stress levels decrease. Another bonus to exercising is the release of endorphins, your feel-good hormones. Also, consider adding meditation into your regiment. Meditation is time alone in a comfortable position focusing on your breathing, try to not think about all your life's challenges. Starting off slow is fine, it can be hard to keep your mind from wandering, just try for longer periods each time. If all you accomplish is 60 seconds the first try, good for you, with practice you will get better.
  5. Environment - The weather, mostly humidity, does have an impact on your hair. We all know this, we have experienced it, but here's why. When it's dry out, the water molecules get sucked right out of your hair, just like watching a puddle evaporate. The opposite is also true, if there is too much water in the air, your hair can swell up to 16% of it's original size. No wonder it gets frizzy.
  6. Illness - Life often throws us some curve balls. Recovering from an accident or sickness, something as normal as a cold or flu to recovering from cancer, takes a toll on your hair. But fear not, in the meantime you have options.

At New Look Institute we provide solutions to hair problems. If you are caught up in the cycle of more bad hair days than good, contact us for a free private consultation.