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Restoring Hair Growth After Therapy
April 17 2018

Restoring Hair Growth After Therapy

Aggressive radiation or chemotherapy rapidly and effectively attack growing cancer cells, but the chance of hair loss while undergoing these therapies is very real. Chemotherapy drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in the body including those in the roots of your hair. Radiation treatments generally cause hair loss at the specific area of treatment, so cranial radiation therapy can also disrupt hair growth on the scalp.

Hair loss experienced while undergoing aggressive treatments is the most feared side effect of radiation and chemotherapy for most men and women. To many people, complete balding is a visible sign to the world that they are battling cancer, adding to the stress and trauma of treatment. The good news for these patients is that the hair growth cycle will resume typically 30-60 days after treatment is completed, and New Look Institute offers the Capilia Well-Being Care Kit to address the specific needs of scalp health and hair restoration throughout the treatment process. 

The Well-Being Care Kit 

The products in the Well-Being Care kit are specifically designed to minimize the trauma and discomfort caused by aggressive treatment regimens while fostering the healthiest conditions for regrowth. The hair loss is actually triggered when chemo and radiation treatments cause major disruptions in scalp conditions affecting the levels of natural oils in the skin under the scalp, as well as contributing to a hormonal imbalance in the body. This can cause congestion in the follicles and an itchy, dry, flaky scalp during and after treatments. The Well-Being Care Kit provides the lotions and shampoos to ease this discomfort, available as a self-care solution for troublesome symptoms.

Hydrascalp Shampoo and Lotion

Throughout treatment and afterward, the hair and scalp will require daily cleaning, moisturizing, and stimulation.  A blend of calendula oil, hydrolyzed cornstarch, and witch-hazel extract in Hydrascalp shampoos and lotions eases scalp discomfort and sensitivity. Hydrascalp products can be used during treatment to ease these symptoms and to enhance healthy scalp conditions when the growth cycle resumes after treatment.

Vitascalp Shampoo and Lotion

Vitascalp shampoo and lotion contains an organic concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, and proteins which promote vigorous scalp and follicle health as the natural hair growth cycle resumes after treatment. These active natural ingredients help to unplug follicle congestion and restore the balance of oils in the scalp, providing the nutrient-abundant conditions needed to restore the natural growth cycle of new hair.

Capilia Products and More at New Look Institute

At New Look Institute all of the hair growth and hair thickening products we offer are from Capilia exclusively. Capilia is an industry leader in innovative hair science, providing natural topical solutions which prevent hair loss and provide the healthiest environment for regrowth.

At New Look Institute our in-house certified trichologist can evaluate your case on an individual basis and recommend the Capilia topical solutions as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other proven effective hair restoration techniques. Our advanced trichology solutions include laser hair growth therapy which stimulates circulation to the follicles to preserve the hair you have and encourage new growth. Our laser hair therapy is FDA approved and along with our advanced in-studio technology we offer the Hair Max Laserband 82 for convenient home treatment.

If you're experiencing hair loss from radiation or chemotherapy, or are struggling with thinning hair for any reason, the best step you can take is to come through the doors of our hair restoration studio in San Jose. We are committed to providing our clients with individual attention and have been designing and implementing a wide range of effective hair loss solutions for men and women for two decades.

With the advanced hair restoration techniques and innovative hair replacement systems we have available at New Look Institute, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to accept hair loss as an inevitable fact of life, so don't hesitate to contact us today.