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New Hair at New Look Institute in 2018: A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep
January 03 2018

New Hair at New Look Institute in 2018: A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

Millions of men and women experience hair loss at some point in their lives, but the good news is that hair loss no longer needs to be meekly accepted as an inevitable fact of life. At New Look Institute, we have the products and technologies to resolve your individual hair restoration needs on a case-by-case basis. With two decades of hair restoration experience behind us, we can confidently state that no case is hopeless. We can design the best possible hair loss solution for each client who comes to us for a consultation.

Trichology at New Look Institute

Trichology is the specialized branch of dermatology which focuses on the scalp. Many hair loss conditions are a result of scalp conditions which can have a debilitating effect on healthy hair growth. Scalp conditions such as excess oil, rashes, or those caused by allergies can be addressed in-house by our trained and certified Trichology practitioners. 

Trichological Testing and Evaluation

If you're dealing with a scalp condition the first step is to come in for thorough trichological testing and an evaluation. Once we have determined the underlying causes of your scalp condition we can develop the appropriate program to revive your scalp and promote vigorous healthy hair. 

Even if you haven't yet experienced significant hair loss or damage there's no need to tolerate a flaking, dry, or itchy scalp. Early intervention to maintain optimal scalp health can prevent hair loss while promoting natural healthy growth. We encourage anyone experiencing scalp condition symptoms to come in for a consultation, followed by treatments which are safe, natural, and effective. You can read more about scalp conditions addressed by our trichology program here.

Laser Hair Growth Therapy

Laser therapy has been around for a while now and has proven to be one of the most tried and true therapies to stop and reverse hair loss. Once again scalp health is the key, especially concerning blood circulation to the hair follicles. Faulty circulation to the follicles can cause them to be minimized, inhibiting the natural hair growth cycle, and causing minimized damaged hair.

At New Look Institute we use FDA cleared low-level lasers to safely and painlessly stimulate increased blood flow to the scalp, which in turn increases activity in the follicles. In many cases, the blood flow to the scalp can increase by as much as 50% after a single treatment. This drastic improvement in blood flow stimulates the follicles to such an extent that new hair growth resumes and hair loss is stopped in its tracks.

Our laser hair growth therapy has been successful in stopping hair loss progression in 85% of our clients. It also restores damaged hair to full strength and vitality. If you're experiencing thinning or receding hair laser treatments may be the solution you've been seeking. You can read more about our advanced laser hair growth therapy here. 

Topical Thickening and Regrowth Products

At New Look Institute we tailor your hair loss solution based upon your individual needs after your initial consultation at our studio. For many clients, the Capilia Head First product line provides the topical solutions to repair scalp damage, reduce shedding, and prevent further hair loss.

Capilia is a leader in innovative hair science with products featuring the natural vitamins and nutrients required for the healthiest possible scalp and hair. Quite frequently topical thickening and regrowth treatments are combined with other treatments to provide the optimal environment for growing new hair and also to preserve and nourish the healthy hair you already have. You can get more information about our Capilia Head First program here.

Get Started on Your New Hair in 2018 at New Look Institute

You can make 2018 your new year for new hair by coming in for a consultation with San Jose's most trusted hair restoration specialist, New Look Institute. Our studio offers the widest range of hair restoration and replacement products and services, all of which are part of our mission to provide individualized options to suit individual client needs. When you're ready to get started on your new hair for the new year don't hesitate to contact us.