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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tips for Hair Loss from Cancer Treatments
October 08 2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tips for Hair Loss from Cancer Treatments

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which got us thinking about clients who experience hair loss from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. If you or someone you care about has been recently diagnosed with any form of cancer, hair loss due to treatments can cause anxiety and worry about one's appearance. Fortunately, there are plenty of great solutions for those battling cancer. We've compiled several pro-active ways to prepare for hair loss associated with chemotherapy and other treatments. We're always happy to help our clients find elegant solutions to this problem so they can focus their efforts on overcoming cancer and staying positive during a difficult time.

Take steps before treatment

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, it often feels like you lack control. Combat this challenge by taking the first steps toward finding a hair loss solution that fits your needs. You'll prevent some of the worst parts of hair loss by starting with these tips when you receive your diagnosis.

Schedule a consultation

Block out time in your schedule for a hair loss consultation now, even though your hair probably still looks great. It's the perfect time to discuss your hair loss treatment options. Expert hair consultants will tell you what to expect and explore solutions for hair loss after treatment. For many clients, anticipating hair loss is extremely stressful, but finding solutions before your hair loss begins is a pro-active way to reduce anxiety and prevent unnecessary worry during this time.

Consider a wig

A wig is a popular option for many clients experiencing cancer treatments. By thinking ahead, you'll get incredible results that fit your style needs. A good wig maker can even match your hair color and texture! If you're considering a wig, take these steps now to prepare for your treatments.

  • Get measured
  • Now is the perfect time to get measured for your wig. By getting measured now, you'll get your wig early and prevent anyone from noticing your hair loss. Get your wig in plenty of time by getting measured before hair loss begins.
  • Get hair clippings
  • Have your hair loss specialist take a clipping of your hair. A professional will take a small clipping without removing anything noticeable. They work with a wig designer to determine your hair color and texture, finding the perfect wig for you. By getting hair clippings before you start losing your hair, you'll get an incredible wig that matches the look and feel of your natural hair.
  • Arrange for any special orders
  • If you choose a custom wig or need any type of special order, arrange for that early so your wig arrives in plenty of time. After your consultation, you'll have a good idea of what you need to transition through the hair loss process. Finalize your arrangements for special orders before you begin treatments. 

Think about a new style now

For many of our clients, the process of hair loss is easier when they control the transition with a shorter length. In a time when many things feel out of your control, taking charge of your hair's length is just one way to empower yourself. A shorter cut has the added benefit of making the hair loss process feel less dramatic. Instead of losing longer strands, shorter pieces of hair fall out. Experiencing hair loss is often an emotional process and although a shorter haircut doesn't make hair loss easy, it can reduce some of the shock.

At New Look Institute, we truly value our amazing, strong clients who receive hair loss treatment due to chemotherapy or other medical procedures. If you're anticipating cancer treatments, please contact us today. Our specialists create a private, boutique atmosphere and work with you throughout the treatment process. We're always ready to support our clients and help them look and feel their best, even in the most difficult circumstances.