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The True Meaning of Hair Replacement Systems and Wigs
May 04 2015

The True Meaning of Hair Replacement Systems and Wigs

Have you been asking yourself what is the difference between a Hair Replacement System and a Wig?

We are often asked if a wig and a hair replacement system are basically the same. Without responding with a long clarification of how very different hair systems are from wigs, here’s a basic rundown of the explanation normally given by hair replacement providers to clarify how the thinning hair can be concealed.

Hair studios coined the phrase “hair replacement system” over twenty years ago to further separate themselves from the wig. It was considered to be a more progressive solution to hair loss. This “new” hair system requires a procedure, which involved several stages such as: scalp preparation, a hair system fitting, and a styling session along with steps on how to maintain it. The entire system was focused on duplicating the look of the hair on each client’s head. From that point forward, “hair replacement system” has become a common term used in finding solutions for both men’s and women’s hair loss.

Today you’ll find various uses of these names, but all in all, the products that each company uses are very similar, but the level of quality may vary.

What Is A Hair Replacement System?

Regardless of all the 1990’s marketing or commercials showcasing hair systems, trying to explain it is actually very difficult. These systems are made from hand woven 100% human hair or synthetic. The base in which the hair is attached can be made of different materials. Two of the most common ones are made of lace material or a very thin “skin” material. Then hair is attached to the top of the base to recreate the client’s own hair. The bottom part of the base is attached to the client’s head safely and non-surgically. Once the system is in place and secure, a stylist will cut and style, to blend with the client’s own hair on sides and back, achieving an undetectable look. During the initial consultation, you will work with an experienced hair specialist who can design the hair system by choosing the size, color, density, texture, and curl pattern to match the client’s own hair.

After the hair system is created, the delivery phase comes to play. The stylist will finish the customization by designing the hair system to match the client’s own hair and achieve an undetectable look.

What Is A Wig?

A wig is more like a ready to wear shirt or blouse a person picks from a rack, not a tailor made shirt a person orders to their own specifications. While Wigs can have some basic customization; the style, color, texture will be set and cannot be changed. Some of the professional wigs can provide a very nice look for a modest investment. The more fashion requested on the wig, increases the cost and a hair system may be a better choice. There is a value to using wigs for specific requirements. We see all the time people who are going through some sort of medical treatment, and in these cases a wig is a good option. Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis can use wigs or hair systems.

After reading this through all this hair system and wig information, you might be still thinking, “Which option is best for me?” It is best to work with an experienced hair specialist who can offer both approaches and can help the person decide which is best for them.

We pride ourselves in offering Hair Replacement Systems and Wigs to fit most budgets. Contact us today for your free consultation.


Photo Credit: Vance Shtraikh via Flickr Creative Commons