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Matthew McConaughey's Hair Loss
July 25 2015

Matthew McConaughey's Hair Loss

Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Loss?

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey has been the subject of many conversations about hair loss and hair replacement. Judging from his performance in the movie “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and the weight loss lengths he went to in order to be believable as a man suffering from AIDS, it wouldn’t be a big stretch to assume that he has undergone a hair replacement procedure to further his successful acting career.

Matthew is known as being a laid back good ole boy from Texas, so it really isn’t a surprise that he would admit to Elle magazine back in the spring that he is in fact using a hair loss treatment and most likely has had some sort of a hair replacement procedure done. Making this announcement in his usual, aloof and strange way by comparing hair replacement to a full moon, it’s pretty obvious that he is undergoing treatment.

Check out these before and after pictures and see for yourself:

Matthew McConaughey

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