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Presidential Candidates and Their Hairstyles
August 08 2015

Presidential Candidates and Their Hairstyles

A Presidential candidate’s hairstyle can absolutely be a factor for them on the like-ability scale. If you think back, America has not elected a bald President since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Public perception means everything to a politician. If a candidate is confident in the way he or she looks that confidence will come across to the American people.

If you run through the current Presidential hopefuls you’ll find a motley crew of hairstyles. Hillary Clinton hasn’t strayed too far from the shoulder length conservative mom look since the nineties. And since becoming a woman of power and in order to gain continued respect from her peers and the American people she’s maintained a safer hairstyle. Aside from how much she spends on her haircuts, she seems to be well received with this look.

Both Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders have opted to go with more natural and wild hairstyles. If elected President, Senator Paul would be the first President with curly hair. This is one trait that makes him stand out. Senator Sanders kind of has that Einstein thing going on. Wild and crazy hair can make you look smart.

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are sticking with the conservative more polished looks. Both of their hairstyles require just a touch of product, which usually signifies success. Jeb Bush has chosen a combo of the natural and Presidential look. Time will tell if his hair will outweigh his family name. Finally, there’s Donald Trump. Much like his politics his hair gets the most attention from the masses. What do you call his style of choice? The comb over meets the pseudo toupee? Who knows, maybe that will continue to work for him.

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Photo Credit: US Embassy via Flickr Creative Commons