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Laser Hair Therapy as Seen on The Dr.'s
September 09 2015

Laser Hair Therapy as Seen on The Dr.'s

Take a moment to watch and listen to LeAnne’s story as seen on the tv show The Dr.’s. At fifty year’s old she began noticing her hair was thinning significantly, to the point where it became visible and she would attempt to hide it. After visiting a hair restoration clinic she was able to receive Laser Hair Therapy and successfully reverse the damage that had been done.

At The New Look Institute we offer Laser Hair Therapy and our clients are experiencing the same success as LeAnne. If you are suffering from visibly thinning hair and would like to receive treatment immediately, now is the time. At New Look Institute we are offering new clients 16 in-studio laser hair treatment protocols for only $297! See our special offers on our home page, print out our laser treatment offer, and come see us today! You too can get your hair back.