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Man's Best Friend and Hair Loss
October 09 2015

Man's Best Friend and Hair Loss

Now more than ever our furry friends are loved and revered by their owners. Today, dogs are treated like family members and often live a life of luxury. And like people, man’s best friend can suffer from hair loss. The upside to living like a human is a family dog is likely better taken care of and has more options for treatment if they become ill. The downside is they are exposed to more unnatural things and can also suffer some of the same conditions and illnesses as humans.

There are a few common causes of hair loss that dogs may suffer from that can easily be treated. One condition is called Allergic Dermatitis. If a dog is exposed to topical antibiotics or materials like rubber, wool, or plastic, they can have an allergic reaction. If the exposure results in red skin, bumps, or blisters then chronic itching can occur and cause hair loss within that area of skin.

Another common cause might be Atopy Dermatitis. This is an allergic reaction caused by a dog inhaling mold, dust mites, or pollen. They may react by licking their feet, itching their skin, or hair loss may be a direct result of their allergy. Restricting exposure to the allergen along with antihistamines or steroids will typically resolve this issue.

A very common cause of hair loss in larger dogs is calluses. This is not difficult to determine. The callus is often a result of chronic pressure and is usually found in bony areas like the elbow. Once a callus has developed, hair will stop growing in that area. To prevent calluses from forming dog owners can provide softer padded bedding for their pet.

There are of course some breeds like Dachshunds, Pomeranians, and Chows that may suffer from hair loss as a result of hormone abnormalities. Regardless of any of these conditions dog owners will continue to love and take care of their four legged companions and treat them like family.

Dog owner or not if you are suffering from hair loss we invite you to come in for a consultation today. At New Look Institute, we combine the latest in custom hair replacement technology, design and artistry with a caring commitment to personalized service. All of our services are provided in a private, confidential setting.