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Pink Dye To Honor Breast Cancer Awareness
October 22 2015

Pink Dye To Honor Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness month is in full swing and there are a lot of people who love supporting the research and funding by dying their hair pink. The reason for this is to promote donations to help fund breast cancer research. The thought is, if someone sees you with pink hair it would remind that person of the importance of donating to such a great cause!

Now, if you are thinking of dying your hair pink, lets give you just a few tips so you do it right and look great. If you’re not sure what shade of pink to use, talk to your hair stylist. They know both you and your hair, so they can easily help find what’s right for you. Once you find the right shade, it’s always good to decide on how long you want your hair to be pink. If you want it to be pink for a while, it is always a good idea to use a temporary dye, that way it is easy to change your hair color back.

There are 3 kinds of long-term dyes, Semi-permanent dye, which lasts about 10 washes, then Demi-permanent dye, which can last around 20-30 washes, and permanent dye, which can last until your hair grows out or you choose to dye it again. When it comes to the actual process, here are some steps to follow:

  • On the day you want to dye your hair, don’t shampoo. You don’t want to loose the natural oils that shampoo washes out. They will protect your scalp from irritation from the dye.
  • Dying your hair yourself can be a messy process. So, some good things to do to prepare is to Vaseline your hairline, ears, and neck so there’s no coloring that stays on your skin. Wear an old button-up shirt so you can throw it out when you’re done, and you won’t have to pull anything over your head. You can also put a towel around your shoulders and wear latex gloves.
  • If you mist your hair a little, the water can help the color go on smoother from root to tip.
  • When washing your hair, use cool or cold water. Hot water opens the follicles and allows some color to wash out.

If all this is too much for you to do on your own, you can always find a hair care professional who knows exactly how to do it!

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