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Choosing A Hair Replacement Studio
December 01 2015

Choosing A Hair Replacement Studio

Choosing A Hair Replacement Studio That’s Right For You

Hair loss is very hard and emotional for a lot of people to go through and we understand that first hand, here at New Look Institute we see it everyday. Clients that come to us are looking to not only get feeling of looking great again, but also restore their confidence in the way they see themselves. Although, hair loss is tough, the process and people you work with to restore your hair can be fun and easy if you choose the right hair replacement studio!

We have outlined four important factors we hear from our clients, when they were looking for the perfect hair replacement studio and decided to work with us.

Trusted Experience.

We know that this seems to be an obvious one, but in the hair loss industry, there are a lot of people and businesses that have little experience or are complacent with the type products and services they are offering. Here at New Look Institute we have been serving clients and patience for over 15 years and what we do today is far more advance then what we did 15 years ago. Not only do we have the years of experience, but we also belong to organizations that are always offering cutting edge technology and products for the hair loss industry. Naturally our practices and products are getting better every year as hair replacement evolves.

The Feeling You Get When Walking Into A Hair Replacement Studio.

Our clients have expressed to us that their anxiety levels were high before walking into our studio. They did not know what to expect and more importantly, if we had a solution that was right for them. The biggest compliment we receive over and over again, is how new client’s level of anxiety reduces drastically as they walk into our studio. New Look Institute is a welcoming atmosphere and we try and make you feel as comfortable as we can. That was important to us, so we have a studio that does not feel like a physicians office, but more relaxing and fun. Let’s face it, getting your hair back and having the joy of getting your hair styled like it use to be should be fun!

Many Options For Hair Replacement.

Keep in mind, while you are looking for a hair replacement studio you want one that offers options and not just one service. For example, if you go to a hair transplant doctor, then the only option they can offer is hair transplants. You have to wonder if that is even the right solution for you? Also, if you choose to ask a hair stylist what to do about hair loss, they can only offer hair extensions or products. Again, is that really the best solution for you? The most important aspect when choosing a hair replacement studio is to find one that offers it all. This is important; since you are different then everyone else and having the choice to choose any option, will help you find the best solution that is completely customized to you! New Look Institute offers many options and we are specially trained in all of the options we offer.

Accommodating For Privacy.

At New Look Institute, we believe that the only people who should know about your hair loss are the people you want to tell. We take your privacy seriously, which is why we have private consultation rooms, offer many forms of communication to contact you about follow up appointments, and also follow all the protocols to keep your information we have on file protected.

What Do You Do Next?

If you or someone you know are experiencing hair loss, then we welcome you or them into our studio for a free consultation. You can schedule a consultation by calling us at (408) 279-4247 or schedule online at

We hope to see you soon!