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New Look Institute's Support for Cancer CAREpoint
December 23 2015

New Look Institute's Support for Cancer CAREpoint

There are many great organizations out there that do tremendous work with cancer patience. Anything from breast cancer awareness to counseling and support for families. I would like to take a moment and honor an organization that New Look Institute helped raise money for. It is an organization called Cancer CAREpoint.

New Look Institute ran a program in the month of October 2015 to help raise donations to Cancer CAREpoint. We donated proceeds to the organization when someone came into our studio to buy a wig, due to hair loss. We were happy to be supporters and have decided to extend our support to Cancer CAREpoint by offering wig services to patience that are losing their hair due to treatments.

Cancer CAREpoint started in the community in 2012 for individuals and families that are going through the journey of cancer. Cancer CAREpoint is more than just a support group, they offer a wide range of services for people in need. Currently they offer classes for nutrition, therapeutic massage, guided imagery, gentle movement, yoga for cancer, educational classes, and wig services.

New Look Institute has been working with chemotherapy patience for years by offering realistic wigs that help keep their personal lives more personal. Here at New Look Institute we try to help reduce the stress for chemotherapy patience, when it comes to the overwhelming feeling of losing their hair.

If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss due to medical treatments, then we invite you to a free private consultation with one of our hair loss specialist. You can always book a consultation by contacting us here!

Also, if you ever need any support or more information from an organization dedicated to helping cancer patience and their families, then contact Cancer CAREpoint by going to their website.


Photo Credit: Cancer CAREpoint via website