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5 Hot Hairstyles for Men This Spring
April 28 2016

5 Hot Hairstyles for Men This Spring

Warm weather means it’s time for updating your clothes and hair. There are lots of great hair trends for men this season, including fun updates on classic and vintage styles. The following are 5 hot hairstyles for men this spring.

1. The Pompadour

Throughout most of history the pompadour was considered a female hairstyle. That was until Elvis Presley made it completely cool for guys to wear their hair this way. The pompadour went out of style for a while after Elvis left the scene, but it has made a big comeback in recent years. describes the pompadour as being short on the sides with the top being long enough to provide an obvious contrast. The top is normally four or five inches in length. The top part is then upswept to provide several inches of height and volume.

2. The High Fade with Long Hair on Top

This style is currently very popular and provides dozens of detailed options. According to a fade haircut starts with the hair on the back and sides of the head gradually tapered until there isn’t any hair left on the skin. The long hair that’s left on top can be sculpted and styled in a variety of interesting ways. This style works with almost any hair type since the sides are extremely short and gel can be used to add volume to the top.

3. The Faded Mohawk

The Mohawk can be as subtle or dramatic as a guy wants it to be. The Mohawk can be short, long, spiked, or even curly. Some men are even deciding to do braids with this type of style. The fade along the sides and the back can add definition and give distinction to the classic Mohawk look.

4. The Long, Separated Pompadour

This style takes a little more effort than the regular pompadour, but the results can be stunning. To get this look it’s necessary to start with a basic pompadour cut. The top part of the hair is then grouped in 8 to 12 thick sections. It’s important to invest in a good hair gel to keep the hair separated and in place. Having hair separated in sections that are full of volume will normally work better for men with thicker hair.

5. The Textured Crop

A cropped haircut is normally short and simple, but add several textured layers and you immediately create volume and style. states that a textured crop is perfect for men with thinning hair. This style instantly adds depth and volume to the hair. Celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey have worn a version of the textured crop.

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Photo Credit: vanessa_hutd Via Flickr Creative Commons