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Television Star Kaley Cuoco Changes Her Hair After Each "Big Bang Theory" Season
June 21 2016

Television Star Kaley Cuoco Changes Her Hair After Each "Big Bang Theory" Season

If you could give Kaley Cuoco a penny for her thoughts, “The Big Bang Theory” star might tell you that while she loves playing Penny, she misses being “just Kaley!” That’s why she finds it so important to reinvent her look as soon as she finishes filming. With the current season now in the can, Cuoco recently made headlines for her head-turning “bronde”-and-blonde ombre hair extensions. This recent transformation is vastly different from the cropped pink-hued ‘do she sported last summer after filming wrapped up in 2015.

Celebrities Depend on Extensions for Changing Looks

Actors and actresses, singers and professional personalities like the Kardashian clan are known for changing their hairstyles often in order to get into and out of character, or simply because they want to. Actresses including Natalie Portman (“V for Vendetta”), Charlize Theron (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) and Demi Moore (“G.I. Jane”) have gone as far as shaving there heads for their movie roles. It’s a safe bet that they would have reconsidered had hair extensions not been an option to get them through the regrowth process.

Extensions: Not Just for Starlets

Most people don’t equate hair extensions with men, but two of the world’s best-known pop stars, Harry Styles and Justin Beiber, have rocked extensions. To date, Styles has remained mum about whether his longer hairstyle is or isn’t natural. Fellow English singer Lily Allen outed him in a tweet, though, claiming she witnessed the strands being artfully applied to the Directioner.

Not surprisingly, Beiber’s extensions are truly unique and anything but subtle — platinum blonde dreadlocks. The Beibs has long been known for his mercurial personality. Extensions fit right in with Beiber’s “you never know what you’re gonna get” MO. (One thing you do know of late: You’re not gonna get a photo with him if you spot him out on the town!)

Hair Extensions Can Save Celebs

Actors and actresses are chameleons who are able to change their accents, wardrobes, makeup and personas quickly. Thanks to hair extensions, they can also transition from pixie cut to long Rapunzel locks as frequently as they desire. Just ask Britney Spears, who infamously went bald in 2007 during a particularly dark period of her life: Hair extensions can be a celebrity’s best friend!

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