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3 Tips for Reducing Hair Loss During Chemotherapy
July 19 2016

3 Tips for Reducing Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Hair loss is one of the most obvious, and most distressing, side effects of chemotherapy. Losing your hair is a result of the chemotherapy attacking cells in your body – it affects all cells, not only cancer cells – and killing the cells responsible for generating your hair follicles. Hair loss doesn’t occur in all cases of chemo, and more often than not, the hair does grow back completely. But in order to avoid the discomfort of having patchy hair and bald spots, you can follow these three tips to try to help reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.

  1. Tight Bands

    Many people have tried using tight bands around the head in order to reduce the flow of blood to the scalp. Wrapping elastic bands around the head or wearing tight-fitting hats or other headgear can limit the flow of blood to your scalp and may help you keep more of your hair during treatment.

  2. Frozen Caps

    Another type of treatment that some cancer patients use is frozen caps. These work as a method of hair loss prevention because they chill the scalp and restrict blood flow, preventing the chemotherapy drugs from reaching the scalp and thus preserving the hair cells. You can try wearing a cold cap before, during and/or after the chemotherapy session in order to keep your head chilled. Ideally, they should be made of gel that is chilled between -15 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can purchase or rent these caps from different companies.

  3. Rogaine

    Applying Rogaine, a drug that is used for hair loss in both men and women, to your scalp might be helpful in reducing hair loss as well. Doctors are still researching the effectiveness of Rogaine.

Embracing Your New Look

Sometimes hair loss is inevitable. If you find that you can’t stop your hair from falling out, there are still options to help you cope with it. Hats and scarves can help to cover patchy spots on your head while you are undergoing treatment. Some people cut their hair short in order to make it easier to style and manage, as well as to reduce the appearance of hair loss. Many people choose to shave their heads completely and enjoy growing their hair out fresh once the treatment has ended. It’s up to you to decide what makes you feel best.

If you’re suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition or chemotherapy New Look Institute understands the emotional stress that comes along with losing your hair. We take a caring approach in helping you find the hair restoration solution that is most comfortable for you. To schedule a free private consultation call us today at (408) 279-4247 or to contact us via email click here.


Photo Credit: Jenny Mealing Via Flickr Creative Commons