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I'm Losing My Hair and I Can't Talk About It
September 04 2016

I'm Losing My Hair and I Can't Talk About It

My hair never seemed as important to me as it is now that I’m losing it. I don’t really know what to do. I feel like an important part of who I am is just slipping away. Will I still be the same person? Is there anyone that can help? I have so many questions and I can tell that people that know me have questions, too. I’m losing my hair and I can’t talk about it. I’m afraid of going bald completely. What will people think? Will they be afraid to look at me? I can’t imagine myself wearing a wig. I know other people have had thinning hair, but I never thought it would happen to me. I feel foolish for being so upset and feeling so hopeless. Other people have more important reasons to grieve than this.

I Remember Having Confidence About My Appearance

I remember being younger and how important hair styling was to me. My sister and I would sit for hours learning to braid each other’s hair. I remember how proud we were when we finally learned the French braid. We had so much fun laughing with friends while we tried new cuts and new colors. I loved highlights in the summer. I started school every year with a new look and a new hairstyle. Now I realize that my hair is a big part of my identity and my personal confidence.

I Have to Take Action and Get Control Over My Life

It’s been a month since I noticed hair on my pillow and too much hair going down the drain. I have to take action and get some control over this. This worry is affecting my personal life and my work life. I’ve been turning down invitations from friends. I’m not even having lunch with my coworkers anymore. I’ve been eating lunch alone and avoiding people I know. I’m even avoiding the phone because I don’t know how to explain the way I’ve been behaving. I know there are specialists that specialize in treating hair loss and I don’t even know why I haven’t gone to speak to one. Maybe I’ve been afraid that there’s nothing they can do. No more fear. I’m taking my confidence back and making that important phone call today. I know my sister will go to the appointment with me. What have I even been waiting for? Of course she will come with me. Then we will go out for lunch and maybe do some shopping like we used to. It’s time to talk about this!

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