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5 Ways Your Hairstyle Is Ruining Your Career
September 20 2016

5 Ways Your Hairstyle Is Ruining Your Career

From Britney Spears’ shaved head to Joaquin Phoenix looking like a member of the Mason family, the fact is you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a bad hairstyle ruin your career. In all careers, your hairstyle can directly affect your level of success. Not convinced? Read on to discover how bad hair may be ruining your career.

  1. Messy Hair

    If your hairstyle is messy, that is how people will perceive you. Even if you happen to love your messy locks (or just love having a morning hair routine that consists of a shower and a quick towel dry), the truth is that you should have a haircut that screams responsibility and professionalism, unless you’re a rock star.

  2. Extra Long Hair

    Like messy hair, really long hair can look unprofessional. Long hair requires a lot of maintenance, and if you simply don’t have time for the up keep, it will start to look a little wild. Think about that receptionist who constantly twirls her hair. She looks like she’s 12 and can’t figure out why no one at work takes her seriously or gives her important tasks.

  3. Extra Curly Hair

    Like the first two, extra curly hair can also lead to a stalled career. Think about it. Wild, loose, flowing curls flying this way and sticking out that way. Sounds a bit wild and crazy, doesn’t it? Enough said.

  4. Gray Hair

    This one is especially for the women. It appears that gray hair isn’t seen the same when it comes to the sexes. For men it is a sign of being wise and distinguished, whereas for women it is a sign of being old. While there are always exceptions to the rule, if you want to land a new job or nab that promotion, cover up the grays.

  5. A Hairstyle You Don’t Like

    We feel good when we look good and our hairstyle can make or break this rule. If you don’t like your haircut but still have the same one, chances are your self-perception isn’t as great as it should be. According to researchers, the way we perceive ourselves has a powerful effect on the way we think. When we feel physically attractive, we perceive ourselves positively, and this is contagious in both our personal and business lives.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Steinhardt Via Flickr Creative Commons