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It's Time To Get Your Hair In Shape For Spring
April 16 2015

It's Time To Get Your Hair In Shape For Spring

After dealing with winter’s extreme weather, your hair can be vulnerable to breakage and left in an extremely fragile state for springtime. According to most stylists, spring is the optimal time to reverse any damage that may have been caused by the freezing cold, snow and wind of winter. Our stylists have some basic tips that will help get your hair in shape for spring. You can:

Get a Hair Cut

There’s a good chance that the ends of your hair are showing some signs of stress after winter. Getting a good trim will help give you a fresh start for spring. The breakage caused by dry and worn split ends will actually make your hair look shorter and thinner. Trimming them will actually make your hair appear to be a little longer.

Monitor Your Mane

Most people don’t know that 50 percent of hair loss can occur before it reaches a noticeable point. Considering that important fact it’s crucial that you monitor the condition and health of your hair, and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to start than spring. Try to spend a few extra minutes in the mirror observing your scalp. Be observant and take notice of any new thinning that may have occurred as well as any receding that may have taken place or bald patches that may have developed. Taking pictures of your scalp regularly every few weeks will help you keep track. If you notice any thinning or hair loss that has progressed it may be time to consult a professional.

Try Using Looser Hairstyles

Try sporting looser hairstyles like loose braids and pony tails. These styles are not only quick and easy, but they’re always in style especially for spring. Loose hairstyles will help to reduce the amount of tension on a person’s scalp, tension that can potentially lead to hair loss. As a general rule, no hairstyle should ever have a sensation of pain or pulling. Hairstyles that are too tight can actually lead to a condition of hair loss known as Traction Alopecia.

Deep Condition

A person’s hair absolutely needs moisture; so one of our favorite tips for helping to revive damaged and dull hair is deep conditioning. Use conditioner or a hair mask in the shower after shampooing and place a shower cap over your hair. As you continue to shower, the steam will help assist the conditioner in working its magic. After 15 minutes, rinse out and you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Take Time To Do Some Spring-Cleaning

Take a few extra minutes to sort through your current stock of hair care products. Toss out the ones that have been sitting on the shelf for years. Despite the fact that most hair products have a pretty decent shelf life, they will eventually expire. Products that seem to have weird consistencies or odd smells usually mean that they’re old and should be tossed out. As far as brushes and combs are concerned, most can be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. You may want to consider replacing them if they appear to be really raunchy and worn. If they don’t appear to be too bad, a good soak in vinegar and baking soda along with a hot water rinse will help improve their condition.

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Photo Credit: Corey Balazowich via Flickr Creative Commons