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Men, You're Probably Doing It Wrong: 4 Common Shampooing Myths
November 15 2016

Men, You're Probably Doing It Wrong: 4 Common Shampooing Myths

Grooming myths abound and are especially pervasive when it comes to men’s hair care. One especially misinformation-laden topic is shampooing. How often do you need to shampoo your hair? How exactly should you shampoo your hair? What makes a shampoo effective? If you think you know the dirt on shampooing, you may be surprised to learn you’ve been buying into some common misconceptions.

The More Lather, the Higher Quality the Shampoo

Actually, the opposite statement is more accurate: The more lather shampoo has, the more damage it could cause. Shampoos that foam do so because they contain chemicals called sulfates. Excessive exposure to sulfates (shampoo lather) can irritate and dry out the scalp, possibly causing dandruff, and weaken and frizz your hair. Sulfites are the cause of that burning sensation you feel when you get shampoo in your eyes.

Consider purchasing a sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses with glycerin and other natural ingredients. Do you really want to clean your body with the same ingredient you use to clean your dirty dishes and smelly socks? Dish soap, laundry detergent and a host of other household cleaners include sulfates.

You Must Use Shampoo to Clean Your Hair

This is another pervasive misconception. If you want to minimize your exposure to sulfates and other chemicals, you can occasionally rely on the most eco-friendly cleanser of them all: water. Unless you’ve been rolling around in the mud, it takes a while for your hair to become so oily and dirty that you need shampoo to cut through the grime. A quick spray from your showerhead is often all you need to remove product residue and actual dirt from your hair.

You Must Shampoo Daily

The main reason to shampoo your hair is to remove excess oil. Everyone’s hair follicles generate oil (sebum) at different rates. Use shampoo only when your hair looks or feels oily. Some people do need to use shampoo daily, while others can safely skip it for an entire week. Some oil is beneficial to the hair and scalp. Shampooing too often is damaging because it strips away beneficial oils. (Those lather, rinse, repeat instructions on some shampoo labels? Ignore them — their purpose is simply to sell more shampoo.)

Scrub Vigorously for Best Results

If your goal is a thick, healthy head of clean hair, shampooing vigorously will sabotage your aim by irritating your scalp, and causing breakage and hair loss. The ideal shampooing technique is to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion with your fingertips (not your fingernails.) Concentrate on your scalp, and your hair will be cleansed in the process.

It’s important to take care of your hair properly but if you’re suffering from male hair loss it can really change the way you feel about your hair. Guys, it’s time to do something about your hair loss. At New Look Institute we’ll find the hair loss solution that works for you. To schedule a free consultation call us at (408) 279-4247 or to contact us via email click here.


Photo Credit: Olichel Via Pixabay